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6 Weeks to a Leaner You and Me


I was a skinny kid, who grew into a skinny adult. I didn’t really ever worry about gaining weight until recently. As a working dad of two kids, I found myself finishing their meals and  eating copious amounts of ice cream and cookies.  Before I knew it, I had packed on twenty pounds in five years. I also like to tease Kara for aiding in my expanding physique: I had never even heard of Nutella before we got married, and now it’s been a staple in our house for the last dozen years.

Anyway, I decided to do something about it, so I approached trainer Joe Carabase, who’s been in Men’s Health Magazine and appears regularly on Better Connecticut. Joe is the owner of MELT Workout, which stands for More Energy, Less Time. Joe is ripped, but he works at it. For the next six weeks, I’m going to do what Joe does and work out like he does.

The first thing Joe had me do was cut out the carbs. Here’s what I had for my first breakfast on his plan:


That was turkey sausage, a fistful of spinach and an apple. I had a cup of coffee with some almond milk, and you know what? It was really good.

Basically, Joe has me eating a lot, but less, less bad stuff that is  . I’m only drinking water, and eating a source of protein the size of my palm. No pasta or chips or gummy candy that I was always scarfing down. No pizza, either.  Instead I’m eating lots of nuts, fruits, and vegetables, and cooking with coconut oil.

Every day I’ll tweet and post on Facebook what I’m eating so you can follow along. You can also check out Joe’s website at

If I do this right, Joe told me the fat will melt right off, and within 6 weeks, he expects me to lose as much as twenty pounds. Maybe I’ll look like Joe! Lol.  Watch my report right here;


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