The Transformation: Week 2


Week 2 on the transformation challenge is now in the books and my official weigh-in shows I’ve lost 9.2 pounds! In the first week, I lost 6.6 pounds, so I dropped another 2 and half pounds. I’ll take that.


Also, my body fat has dropped 4% from 27% to 23%. Temptation has been tough. On Saturday, we headed out of state to visit my mom and stopped at the rest stop on the Mass Pike for lunch.   I got a bowl of chicken and beans from Fresh City, but our kids wanted Happy Meals from McDonald’s, and those french fries were looking good.  I really want to swipe one, or two, but resisted.


On Sunday, I moderated a gubernatorial forum  after my son’s football game and was a little hungry and all they had were brownies and cookies. I was strong, and stayed away and drank some water! Later, Kara made a great dinner of chicken, avocado, brussel sprouts, broccoli and berries.


Read more about my plan with trainer Joe Carabase right here:   https://dennishouse.tv/2014/09/25/6-weeks-to-a-leaner-you-and-me/

See you next week!

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