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Face the State Flashback: Hilton Kaderli in Oklahoma

05/24/2013 8:35p05


Oklahoma has certainly been on the minds of many people this week, and here in the Channel 3 newsroom, many of us thought of our old friend Hilton Kaderli. The legendary weatherman who spent nearly a quarter of a century on the Connecticut airwaves, retired to the Sooner State in 1998. We can report that he lives a good distance from the devastated town of Moore.

In this week’s Face the State Flashback, you’ll see two reports from Hilton from April of 1995, when we sent him to Oklahoma City to cover the bombing at the Murrah Federal Building. Hilton brought some compelling stories from his native state to his viewers back in Connecticut.

We can also tell you Hilton and his wife Alma are grandparents now, and every so often he comes back to his adopted state where they raised their two sons. No doubt he still refers to big storms as “gullywhompers.”


By the way, Hilton was the first meteorologist I shared the desk with at WFSB, when I anchored my first newscast in March of 1993.

You can watch the Hilton flashback that aired Sunday morning on Face the State, right here: Watch the segment right here:

Check out some other vintage video:

Like this:

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One Response to “Face the State Flashback: Hilton Kaderli in Oklahoma”

  1. This is Murry Ferris. At one time I aspired to be a television news reporter. Early on in that effort I worked with Hilton who was similarly determined to be a weatherman. We worked together at KWTV, CBS Oklahoma City in the late 60’s. I recall Hilton’s devotion to weather in an area of the country famous for complex weather patterns. Gratifying to see that his dream came true.


    By Murry Ferris on 02/16/2021 at 8:35p02

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