Q Poll Persuaded Dean to Run for Governor


Martha Dean could take her campaign for governor all the way to the primary. That’s the word from the attorney from Avon, who taped an interview at WFSB that aired Sunday on Face the State. Dean told me if she does well at the convention, she will march on to August. Read on for the link to the video of the interviews.

PrePro FS - Race For Governor

The two-time Republican nominee for attorney general also talked about what made her decide to run for governor: last week’s Quinnipiac University poll showing Governor Malloy and 2010 nominee Tom Foley neck-and-neck.

“I like Tom Foley but I am worried….Governor Malloy has high negatives even with his own party and it concerns me to see Foley neck and neck with Malloy I feel he should be way ahead.”

Dean called on another candidate who did poorly in the poll to drop out.

We also discussed her call to resurrect a hot issue from the 1994 campaign, repealing the income tax. I also gave Dean a chance to clarify her stance on the Newtown hoax story that she posted on Facebook last year that led to her being roundly criticized.

You can watch the entire interview that aired Sunday morning at 11 on WFSB Channel 3 right here: http://www.wfsb.com/video?autoStart=true&topVideoCatNo=default&clipId=9971005

Also on the program Sunday, Senator Richard Blumenthal: https://dennishouse.tv/2014/03/20/blumenthal-weighs-in-on-putin-nash-obamacare/

Our flashback takes us back to a big day in Connecticut history: https://dennishouse.tv/2014/03/20/that-day-when-all-eyes-in-the-sports-world-were-on-hartford/

Thanks to everyone who took our poll. It was not scientific and there were some bugs. Some folks voted more than once, actually several thousand did. Thanks for partaking!

Want to suggest a candidate? Write that person’s name below.

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  1. None of the above!!! Malloy disses teachers and then tries to buy them off and most of the Republicans are corporate flacks who will sell out to big business – just like Malloy!! someone new please!!!!


    • Tim, I have to partly agree with you. But, you have to remember, Connecticut is a Democratic State. There are NO Republicans that can do to much damage. Republican are Capitalist. Why would they want to sell out big business?? That is not their style. Joe Visconti will make the changes for the good that Connecticut needs. He is a man of morals and can’t be bought off. I hope you will listen to some of his ideas. You can find him on http://www.youtube.com. I too was thinking like you, but we are at the mercy of the government. Time to make a stand. I hope you will consider Joe Visconti for Governor. Get to know him…. Hey, can’t get any worse than it is now with Malloy. LOL!!!


    • ok Tim who?? your all about who not to vote for and making false claims about the republican candidates, So who? are you throwing your name into the ring? Before you run your ignorant piehole why don’t you do some research and or create a solution !!


    • None of the above means Malloy once again. I think you need to look into each candidate before making that kind of assessment.


  2. Do not vote for a crook the Danbury ct mayor boughton doesn’t even care enough to help the Danbury ct citizens enough even if it’s a health issue my friend went for help about a city health inspector and mayor thought it was noting and my friend was lieing very nice to know that this person isn’t right at all and can’t be a good role model for the connecticuit governor do not vote for boughton be warned


  3. John McKinney is not a leader. He needed to rally the minority senate to garner but one nay vote from the dems to defeat sb1160. He needs to get sent packing for not letting lawful gun owners pack 10+


  4. I like Visconti’s ideas on the sales tax. Makes a lot of sense given our location. Time to get the surrounding states coming into Connecticut to buy things. And It may even give people a reason to stay in the state when they retire.


  5. The main stream media is trying to hide a populist insurgency that embraces Hispanics, teachers, doctors, gun owners, Tea Party, Republicans, disgruntled Democrats and just about every sector of the political spectrum.

    Joe Visconti is bringing his message of reform and restoration to Connecticut’s demoralized employers and employees. Watch this video play list and you will know that help is a three letter word. JOE.


    • You are an exception. People told me you rigged the poll for Joe. After all, he did attend your 50th birthday party.


  6. Governor Malloy, Mayor Boughton were also among the people at the party. The poll is an online poll, which are hardly scientific.


    • Exactly.

      Do you know about John Cinque? John is a national hero among millions of gun owners. The Hartford Courant asked him to write an Op Ed in opposition to gun control. The 700 word opinion will be published in the Sunday edition, March 30.

      Hundreds of preppers and patriots from all across America are coming to Hartford on April 5 to attend the huge gun rights rally at the Capitol. This is the video that first got their attention. In it’s various forms, shared and pirated, it may have reached 500,000 hits by now. You might consider having John as a guest in the near future.

      The two Republicans now realize the big mistake they made. A harsher law would have been nullified by non-compliance. Nobody will take any new law seriously.
      Spineless Republicans are to blame for any further diminution of our Constitutional Rights. The status quo is not an option.


    • As you said the poll is unscientific the reason for the wide discrepancies are simple as it showed up in my news feed promoted by Joe Visconti and then the article is about Martha Dean, who I am quite excited about actually.

      Here is why. The negative things I have seen about her have all been personal attacks and I haven’t seen a shred of evidence that they have merit. People tore her up because she posted a video that asked questions and posited that Sandy Hook was a hoax, but she never said she agreed with it, simply that there were a lot of questions.

      Does everyone not remember everything that happened and how quickly the media said one thing then changed it, then changed it back, then back again…and on and on. It was two pistols, no an “assault rifle,” no, no it was this, it was his brother with his ID, his mom worked there no she didn’t, there was a guy outside in handcuffs who was he, and aaaalll of that hype created a TON of confusion and questions. So the media (and don’t get me wrong not saying your station or anything just media as a whole) created the mess in this now, now, now culture we live in …media’s fault or society’s eh, who can tell anymore?

      Personally, I would be happy if more news stations/websites simply said we don’t know at the moment and we don’t want to put out bad information, unfortunately that doesn’t generate the ratings, the likes, the clicks on ads so I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

      She is more well rounded than Foley or Visconti.

      Everything I have seen from Visconti just points out all the negatives and offers little to nothing in the way of solutions and I just get this gut feeling that he simply latched on the the anger of the new gun laws and wanted to ride that all the way to the governorship.

      While I am personally furious about the new gun laws I am even more furious that legislators completely ignored thousands of citizens that testified against them. I was AT the LOB (Legislative Office Building) for over 13 hours waiting to give my 3 minutes…running out every few hours to feed the parking meter in the snow. I know that the citizens were overwhelmingly against the laws by seeing it with my own eyes and my own sources within the LOB confirming that most contact was against, yet in their meetings legislators said the “had to do something for the families of those children.”

      Don’t get me wrong, I wept for those children, I remember thinking about how near Christmas we were, wondering if the parents had bought gifts that would never be opened, imagined the agony of losing a child like that. Then suddenly I saw Blumenthal pushing for more gun control. Blumenthal who I had thought (because he told my father and me in 2004 when my sister deployed to Iraq) was a Vietnam Veteran….his words, “I was a Marine in Vietnam too.” To my father, an actual Mariine veteran who ACTUALLY went there. Later I came to find out that he had done/said the same to many over the years misleading them by a subtle yet HUGE difference of being a Marine IN Vietnam vs a Marine during Vietnam.

      That is when I took to being more outspoken…as I saw common sense and truth evaporating around me.

      But I won’t let my view on that simply push me in the direction of Visconti.

      Tom Foley’s plan on education turned me off in a big way with too much discussion on magnet schools. Increase the quality of the schools that are lacking! Don’t ship students to “better” areas and inundated teachers…making their jobs harder and diminishing the level of education they can provide.

      Malloy. I never got a chance to vote against him. Neither did hundreds of other soldiers who were deployed because our ballots were always somewhere else….very conveniently. I’m not saying anything outright…but I hear rumors lets just say.

      Very respectfully,

      Jesse “Doc” Sweeney
      Former combat medic 1-102nd Infantry
      Admin for Gun Control=More Crime Connecticut facebook page



      • Actually it’s Visconti who has released a more detailed package of his solutions to current economic problems. The other candidates have stolen his fresh ideas. You gotta pay better attention.


  7. To answer your question Joe; What happen to the Republican Party? They merged ideologically generations ago with Democrats to become one big Socialist Republicrat regime to centralize their power, eviscerate the Constitution and usurp the People’s Constitutional Rights. The only chance you have Joe and anyone who believes in the Constitution is to register as unaffiliated and untie under a Constitutional banner.


    • You can’t save a sinking ship from the shore. You gotta be on the ship plugging the holes and pumping out the water.


  8. Not for nothing, but this is getting comical. There is somebody out there running a bot or hitting refresh and re-voting for the top two candidates. Seriously, children, I’m glad you enthusiastically support your candidate, but your interests would be better served by (a) writing your candidate a big check up to the maximum allowed by law ($100 for Martha or $3500 for Joe) and (b) volunteering to help in their campaign with whatever time and talents you have.


  9. The Constitution is the ship and its sinking because of the party system. Don’t take my word. Read the portion of George Washington’s Farewell Address to Congress regarding the dangers of the party system.


    • The Constitution is the chartbook. The country is the ship of state. Dead reckoning will leave everyone dead. Follow the course set forth in the chartbook! It’s that simple. The Constitution was for everyone. Lawyers have bastardized it with their new laws.


      • I don’t know how you define dead reckoning but I do know George Washington’s warning about party has become prophetic. The Constitution is the foundation of our form of government, not merely a chartbook. There is no mention of party in either the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution. That didn’t happen by accident. The Founding Fathers deliberately omitted party from both documents for the reasons expressed in Washington’s Farewell Address to Congress. Every generation believes their generation will be the one to right the party system but doing so only takes us further from the Constitution and closer to a socialist/marxist government.


  10. My first choice is for Joe Visconti then Marta Dean, both would be fine governors to help turn this state around


  11. Thanks to everyone who took our poll. It was not scientific and there were some bugs. I’m not a real pollster. Some folks voted more than once, actually several thousand did. Thanks for partaking!


    • I’d say that’s more like “some folks voted several thousand times”. It doesn’t look like polldaddy does much to prevent silly ballot stuffing, not even basic things like using captcha and IP logging. No bot or programming experience needed to abuse this – just one finger and too much time on one’s hands.


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