Would You Let Your Son Play Football?

Submitted photo.

Many folks are saying the game of football is under seige these days. Stories of concussions have many parents thinking their sons should not play America’s most popular sport. This past week in our Man Cave segment on Eyewitness News, we looked a local youth football league dealing with the reality of the game today, and working to preserve it for the future.

Tell someone your son plays football and you might get a reaction similar to as if you’d said “I let me son play in traffic,” or “I let my son smoke.” My son is too young to play tackle football, so he plays flag.

In the West Hartford Youth Football League, they take plenty of precautions to keep the young players safe. In the piece you’ll see in the link below, you’ll hear from parents, the league president, a coach and players. Let me know what you think?


photo courtesy West Hartford News

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