The Transformation: Week 5


I was a little disappointed at this week’s weigh-in. With a week today, I actually gained a half pound, down 12.5 pounds since we started in September. MELT Fitness guru Joe Carabase and trainer Andy O’Neill told me not to worry about it, because my body fat went down again, another 1/2 %. I’ll take that. Both said it was pretty normal as I’m losing fat and gaining muscle.

I also had an off week. Due to some work commitments and a sick kid home for two days, my workout time was cut back a bit. I also attended the Hartford Courant’s 250th gala, and ate the meat and vegetables, but probably more than I should have.

However, I did not fall to temptation, including these chocolate chip muffins Kara made.


I was tempted again at the Hall of Fame dinner at my high school where all sorts of food and drink were offered up. I actually stopped at the store on the Mass Pike and bought some almonds so I wouldn’t nibble at the food laid out at Xaverian Brothers High School.


For the final week, Joe is changing up my plan. I wanted to lose 20 pounds by November 6th, and the next week will be brutal.

Read all about the plan by going to the home page of the Hartfordite. Also check out MELT Fitness right here: http://meltworkout.com/home

Want to join me in this transformation? Read how to right here: https://dennishouse.tv/2014/10/03/the-transformation-week-1/ and here: https://dennishouse.tv/2014/09/25/6-weeks-to-a-leaner-you-and-me/

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