Rhinoplasty for the Roadmaster

Our treasured Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon is back on the road again after some…let’s call it,  surgery.    It was banged up in a fender bender while someone else was driving it while we were in Italy.   Thankfully, nobody was hurt.

The crash showed the resilience of the Master, which to the best of my knowledge, had never before been in an accident.    We purchased it from a widow who barely drove it.     Many other cars would have been totalled, but this amazingly solid road beast suffered only cosmetic damage.

The work was done by Pauly Ciarcia, an auto body expert I’ve done way too much business with, thanks to my wife’s penchant for sideswiping garage columns, choosing to ignore large objects in the backup camera, and colliding with raccoons.    Read about that right here:

Pauly runs Paul’s Automotive in New Britain and after a few days returned the Roadmaster looking better than it did before the crash.   He matched the 1995 Dark Cherry Red Metallic paint perfectly, and tracked down a Roadmaster grill in Ohio.

Our Roadmaster is heading toward a milestone of 160,000 miles and shows no signs of slowing down.   Let’s just hope there are no more visits to Pauly.

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  1. Your Baby Roadmaster, is just getting out of Grade 1, My 337,000+_
    mileage, light blue , 1993 Buick Roadmaster, is still purring along, at less than a half tank of gas from Enfield to Boston’s Cathedral and back, thanks to John Hogan, at Crowley Chev. in West Hartford !


  2. Hey Dennis, I know you are out on vacation, but today’s show was pretty shoddy journalism.

    First, how can you allow Rennie on the air without identifying him as a Republican operative? Kevin is not just a “political columnist”. Instead he is a GOP tool with a serious axe to grind.

    Second the level of conjecture was fairly scary. Why not just keep to the facts?


  3. I am happy to hear that everything is back to normal and no one got hurt.. Now was it my scotty friend LOL driving I know how he also loves the Road Master Love all of the staff from channel 3 I have been watching for 50 Years..


  4. It is so amazing to me how in love you are with that car. Lol. It’s a guy thing I will never understand.


  5. Love Paul’s Automotive. I used to work at a Bank in New Britain and he was always so kind when he did his banking there. Thanks for sharing him as a reference.


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