A Woody Wagon Returns, Sort of

Faux wood paneled station wagons haven’t been manufactured since the 1990s, but one is back, on prime time television. The new CBS comedy “Young Sheldon” prominently features a 1980s Mercury Colony Park. driven by Sheldon’s mom Mary Cooper. The classic cruiser made a few appearances during the premiere this week.

Mercury no longer exists, after being killed off by Ford, but its behemoth station wagons live on in television shows and re-runs. The Goldbergs drive a ’90 or ’91 Colony Park, Sue Ellen Ewing drove a couple of 1970s models on “Dallas,” “Betty Draper” had a 60s version on Mad Men, and my favorite, a 1950, was a regular prop on the “Mod Squad.”

To find one of these Mercury wagons in good condition will cost you. This 1972 beauty is selling for roughly triple what it cost brand new.

1972 Mercury wagon for sale:


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