Reason # 692 to Own a Buick Roadmaster

Seriously?     Yes, I saw this on I-84 today and if this were video you would see the hazard lights flashing.      Hazardous it was indeed.  A person carrying cargo way too large for his vehicle, traveling about 20 MPH as tractor trailers were whizzing by.

I actually saw this car at the side of the highway with its driver struggling to get the mattress back on the much smaller roof.   The mattress must have blown off or something.   Fifteen minutes later when I was returning on the other side of ’84 I captured the above scene.

None of this would have happened in a Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon, as Channel 3’s Scot Haney recently learned.   Recognizing the inadequacy of his diminutive and weak vehicle, he borrowed our Roadmaster to transport a bedroom’s worth of furniture.   After loading up the Master of the Road, Scot still had room to, as they say, “feel free to move about the cabin.”

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