The Raccoon and the Regal

Sounds like a children’s book, doesn’t it?   Certainly wasn’t a fairy tale ending for the raccoon which crossed in front of Kara’s car on Interstate 91.    Kara told me she accidentally hit the animal, and that she was OK, but the raccoon was, well, roadkill.

When I got home, as any guy would, I did a walk around and noticed the front end was pretty banged up and asked Kara about it.   “What damage” she asked!

Ironically, Kara’s late father, former Rhode Island Governor  Bruce Sundlun, had a highly publicized incident with raccoons many years ago that is now part of Ocean State lore.    He as 91 when he died in July, and Kara’s raccoon encounter was on I-91.   Hmmm.

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  1. Ran over one years ago – it was the raccoon or go off the road – and I had the kids in the car – so I chose to drive over it…felt a bump under the car – looked in the rear view – and he waddled off the road. He was one big raccoon! But you have to admit – they are cute! Glad to hear Kara is ok – could have ben lots worse!! Cars can be fixed!! : )


  2. Could have been worse Kara, could have been a bear! Will the Regal be ok? I love Buicks, thats all my husband and I have ever had. My Rendevous is great! If my husband hadnt died we would have gotten a new Regal, great car.


  3. Yes they can be pretty pesky to cars. The Regal is a lower car too so would come off worse than say a jeep that is jacked up, in fact the Racoon may have survivived! Glad Kara is OK though and the damage could have been a lot worse I guess.


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