Bysiewicz Defends Ad; Calls Murphy "Out of Touch Like Nancy Johnson"

Senate candidate Susan Bysiewicz defended her new campaign ad that attacks opponent Chris Murphy for accepting contributions from Wall Street firms.   During a taping of “Face the State,” set to air Sunday, the former secretary of the state refuted claims by the Murphy campaign that the ad contained false statements.

The interview with Bysiewicz was scheduled before the ad controversy broke, but due to the new developments, much of the interview focused on the ad.     Bysiewicz said she won’t change the wording of the ad , and it will continue airing verbatim.

The Murphy campaign took issue with the ad’s claim that the 5th district congressman has taken more donations from hedge funds than any other Democrat in congress.      The campaign said Bysiewicz had confused Murphy with former Congressman Scott Murphy of New York.     During the Face the State interview, Bysiewicz defended the claim, saying there is no such confusion.    At one point, Bysiewicz said Murphy’s dispute with the ad shows “he is out of touch like Nancy Johnson.”     Johnson is the longtime Republican congresswoman ousted by Murphy in 2006, after he ran ads criticizing her campaign donations.

More information later on Eyewitness News at 11.   The complete interview will air Sunday at 11 on Face the State on WFSB Channel 3.

Watch the segment right here:


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  1. Susan again and again displays the incompetence and irrelevency so characteristic of career politicians. She would be much better suited staying home to keep house and bake cookies……if she can follow a recipe from beginning to end.


  2. Hey Dennis,

    I’m surprised that you allow such a sexist and misogynistic comment to remain on your blog.

    Bysiewicz might be an inept politician, but this “a woman’s place is in the home” crap went out of style with Archie Bunker.


  3. I agree. She’s an inept pol’.

    She probably couldn’t bake a decent cookie anyway.

    How ’bout if she just stayed home and knit like Madame DeFarge? The cookie thing could kick in when her fingers got tired.

    Face it, scooper, she’s a has-been Democrat hack who’s never done anything to distinguish herself other than to abuse the privileges of her office to run her last campaign. Her shrewish demeanor is more than insufferable.

    CT doesn’t need Ms. Susan “Please Elect Me To Any Office” Bysiewicz to add to our embarrassment in Washington. We already have enough Democrat clowns to start a circus and we don’t need another.


  4. I just want to say that after watching the interview, Mrs. Bysiewicz is accusing Congressmen Murphy of stuff that she is also doing; for example she accused the congressmen of starting a PAC despite the fact that she admitted 30 seconds later she wouldn’t rule out starting a PAC herself; and despite the fact if your a democrat or a republican, or a tea partier or a liberal; It makes me sick to hear any politician, regardless of who he or she is, accuse the other of something that they themselves do, for example taking wall street money, Mrs. Bysiwicz has taken at least $7,000 from wall street although she claims on the interview, “I have not taken a dime of money from wall street.”

    But I am more shocked to hear nothing from the former sec of state about what she will do for me, or the people of Connecticut. No jobs plan was mentioned (although she has a detailed plan on her website) nothing with regards to education or taxes or anything but Mr. Murphy is wrong and I am right type of thing. It was literally the worst interview I have ever watched in the many years of watching Face the State not because of what was said, but what wasn’t said.


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