Are you Happy in Connecticut?


Nutmeggers love to grumble about winter, taxes, and high gas prices, but would they really move out of Connecticut? A new Gallup poll released this week found about half of those polled would say goodbye to the Constitution State if they could.


49 percent of those polled would call the moving trucks, the second highest dissatisfaction number in the country. Illinois was worse, and that state is home to one of the world’s greatest cities.


The release of the poll came a day after the Malloy administration announced there would be no tax rebate because the state surplus was significantly smaller than first thought. The reason: the cash collected from income tax is down. By week’s end many folks were wondering “is it really that bad here?”

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To answer that question we brought in for Face the State one of the state’s top economists, Fred Carstensen, UConn professor and director of the Connecticut Center for Economic Analysis. He too was surprised by the new surplus figures and not surprised by the Gallup poll. In a taping that aired Sunday and you watch at the link below, Carstensen talked about how Connecticut got to this point, and he warned don’t expect the situation to improve here in the near future.

You can watch the interview that aired Sunday morning right here: http://www.wfsb.com/video?autoStart=true&topVideoCatNo=default&clipId=10125550

The Gallup poll is right here:


The states with the lowest number of people wanting to leave? Maine, Montana, and Hawaii.


Read what happened to me 30 years ago this week: https://dennishouse.tv/2014/04/28/the-time-a-fire-left-me-homeless/


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  1. One item not discussed in news articles surrounding 49% of residents wanting to leave CT is how unfriendly CT is to retirees. In addition to CT’s cost of living, CT taxes Social Security. Most states do not…and many offer seniors additional tax reductions. Last year my brother retired and moved out of state. He was a public school teacher, with a pension (but no social security which is not extended to teachers in Connecticut). He moved because he could not afford to live in CT on his pension. My daughter graduated from a CT medical school…and is now working in Boston…CT is educating the youth, but they are not choosing to stay in CT. CT’s 49% ranking is a serious problem which warrants more in depth consideration. Good luck with your program.

    • I hate living here because it to Expensive. We have no jobs and the government don’t care about the poor

      • the poor what do you mean? the retired and military vets or all the scum suckers on welfare that this state cators too! they already get way to much. and if you think they don’t then open your doors and have few live with you! teach a man to fish he eats for ever. give a man a fish,he just wants another!

      • I agree with you David…it is very expensive and it seems that those of us who are struggling are really fighting to stay afloat. I was laid off of my career a few years ago. If the state has any care, it does not show. I’m already considering leaving Connecticut next year. To Dan who replied to David’s comment…unless you’ve been in our position, you really don’t have an idea of how difficult it really is. Not all of us “poor folk” are lazy, incompetent scum suckers as you put it! I had a successful career in the legal field and I am on my own with children. I am doing all I can, on my part, and the stress has unfortunately effected my health. Some of us struggling have a history that would blow one’s mind, so to judge as you do Dan is quite small minded.

    • I couldnt agree more, our children are leaving after they are educated because they cannot afford to stay. I unfortunately I cannot afford to leave…just yet !!!!

    • as soon as I retire in 9 years, I am fleeing this CESSPOOL of a state. I fled in 72, should have NEVER come back, should have moved my Mom the hell out of here. I HATED this cesspool in 72, I HATE ITCEVEN MORE NOW!

  2. Most of my friends and I are kicking ourselves for not taking the poll. We would have loved to push it over 49%!

      • Of course you’re speaking a foreign language on a site where all the comments are in ENGLISH… Let me guess you’re from one of CT’s famous Sanctuary cities!!! Danbury, Waterbury, New Haven, Hartford, Stamford etc. One of the reasons I luckily got the HELL out in ’13.

  3. Ironiquely this is called the “Constitution State” Its even on the License plates. They really should issue everyone new plates again, now reading the “Un”constitutional State!! This State is an unconstitutional, arrogant, over priced, over taxed, welfare State. In good part thanks to a non concerned Governor named “:Malloy”

  4. I don’t know why it’s so surprising that 49% of CT residents would get out if they could. I actually thought it would be higher. I’m 51 yrs. OLD & my husband is 58. He is retiring from the State of CT in November & we’re already looking to buy a place in SC. Retirees cannot stay in CT. Taxes are so high that any place we buy no matter how big will be taxed at least 1/2 less than what we pay now. Plus the weather is so much better.

    • Nice. Retiring from a State of CT job? That means he got paid 2x what anyone else in the private sector got paid and had a pension. Cry me a friggin river. Nice you’ll take all that taxpayer’s money to another state now.

      • Do you have the salary figures to prove that? State jobs have stability and yes a pension but more pay than the private sector!?!?! No way!!! And just because he worked for CT doesn’t mean he has to stay. Make an educated comment next time rather than your factless grumblings!!!!

      • My husband put in his 30 years with CT DOT but no way would we have been able to retire in CT on his pension. Yeah, he was paid by the taxpayers to attend to all the heavy equipment needed to keep BDL operating. First flake of snow out of the sky he and his crew were there and didn’t leave until the last flake was scraped off the runway – sometimes days, snatching what sleep they could 3 or 4 hours at a time on 30 year old army cots, or the floor of the break room. InCT we paid 4000+ for property taxes on our 1100 sq ft house and for that our trash got collected 1 X per week. Here, out of state, we live in the same size house, detached 3 car garage, 6 stall horse barn, and twice as much land. We pay $750 per year for property taxes and carry our own trash to the recycling center 4 miles away. Here, our neighbors wave as we drive by and we wave back. People are friendly and loving. We paid CT enough taxes. I’m happy to be outa there, even if I never got a chance to use John Rowland’s hot tub.

    • Monica Clapp. I retired from Ct in 2001 and moved to Myrtle Beach condo we had bought for retirement plans. Now I am Carolina Retiree Chapter president where I am paying $450 per year on my house taxes. May have a room for you and family to rent when you want time to look around as I spend some months in Sarasota which I bought after condo sold last year. Great investment and real estate market, so come on down south ASAP before the winter hits you again. We have many halfbacks who initially bought in Florida and now find the taxes cause for them to move half back. CSEA can put your husband in touch by calling Hollis Block

  5. Why should give free phones and driving licenses and welfare to illegal immigrants,welfare should be reduced,tolls should be put in ,routes like 395 mediums should be replaced with cement barriers ,this will save the people in the long run by not having the dot mowing the meidiums with three trucks reverting traffic all day long !!

  6. No I left 25 years ago and moved south. Beautiful weather and Beautiful Affordable homes wether you purchased or rented. There is no nice affordable housing in New Haven. Ugly homes and slumlords all around the Beautiful Yale Campus. What an eyesore’

  7. It starts with simple economics. Even with a college degree or technical training young people cannot find jobs that allow them to afford to pay for the basics to live in this state. Neither can seniors even with a pension and or social security. That leaves the 30-60 age group to carry all the burden. For this privilege we pay exorbitant taxes work in companies that consider us expendable commute on over congested road rage filled highways to get to cut throat backstabbing jobs that offer virtually no security. Our pay does not increase at the rate of taxes gas prices daycare and food which makes us essentially go backwards every year with no hope of ever being able to retire. The only hope most of us has left is that things have to be better somewhere else.

  8. No question about it, I’m moving out of this state as soon as my step daughter graduates high school in 4 years. I’ve never had to pay property taxes on my vehicles ever til moving here. Also high gas and taxes overall. Lastly the traffic congestion is rediculus

  9. I will not retire here I wouldnt be able to live. We have had two casinos here for over 20 years. Revenues are down at both but all the money the state get monthly where does it all go? This state is taxing us to death no wonder people want to move out of it. We all don’t live in Greenwich with 6 figure incomes.

  10. No not happy here.unfortunately it is way too expensive to retire here.I love new England. So probably will move to new Hampshire. The taxes are killing us. The state has gone down hill.we spend way too much money on unnecessary things,no jobs.I could go on but it won’t change things. All I know is we are out of this state as soon as we can

  11. The taxes are way to high and gas prices are ridiculous and that’s coming from someone who drives a four cylinder car ….the coat of living is also crazy I can’t tell u how many times my family has been struggling

  12. I love Ct I was born and raised here, but to have a life and family it is extremely difficult. I went to school and I am now a nurse. I thought I would be comfortable but I was wrong. Between my school loans and all my other bills I am certainly not making enough to live a decent life. It seems like We are not getting paid enough in CT but really it’s just that the cost of living is so high here.

    • I came here from NY 2 years ago . Tried to find a job as a paramedic. Needless to say I couldn’t. And was forced to work as a emt which put me in the poor house. I applied to a lot of jobs on craigslist and took one working in the industrial world. Now I’m making good money, close to 100k annually. Needless to to say, I’m still living paycheck to paycheck.

      • As an emt and teacher here, ROGER. I work two jobs and still am stuck living with mom and dad. Hoping to transfer my certifications and move north to NH or VT.

  13. We love CT, however, Taxes, real estate, overall cost of living is ridiculously expensive. There is no way we can retire and live here too.

  14. No not at all. But would be afraid to move and find things are worst and then what, at least I know bad areas around the state. The expenses are high, taxes are very high and the weather is terrible.

  15. Not happy now that I’m planning to retire within a year and a half. CT is too expensive to live on SS and pension and need to move south. Also don’t have family where I live and need to move nearby where they are, which is Tampa, FL.

  16. taxes go up yet there no jobs still, rents go up ppl penny pinching, its sickning, and food prices go up, yet ppl on welfare there money stays the same, #disgusting

  17. I am from a family of 7, and most of my siblings have already moved to Florida due to cost of living plus they live close to, and are enjoying the beach. Many of my Aunts & Uncles and cousins moved now, or have lived in Florida sunshine state too. My 21 year old daughter moved and is staying in N.C., in which as a vet technician she says, “for now”. She won’t move now due to cost of living. Before my recent job in IT, I couldn’t afford upkeep on my CT home, so I recently lost it. Had to work 2 jobs at least 60 hours weekly, and I just couldn’t continue once winter storms hit CT hard. It is my 19 year old son’s first year away at A.U. in Washington D.C., but he most likely will return to CT for his career choice. All I have left in CT is my job, the hopes my son will return after he earns his economical and political degree. Well, I do have old friends but most can’t afford to take the time away from their own family life and work life to enjoy the expense of CT entertainment.

  18. Its to expensive. Why is the price of gas so high when RI and Mass is cheaper? Im a single mom and theres nothing in place to help us if we work we can only make so much or you loose your insurance and if you take 2 pt jobs you don’t get insurance and your over the limit for state then all the money from one pt job goes to pay for insurance so what do you do?

  19. I would definitely pick up and go if I could take my entire family with me….My oldest son has a magna cum laude degree in finance…no work in the field , after a $100,000 education he had to go back to school and reinvent himself. Second son has a culinary degree from the Country’s top culinary school….he can’t compete with immigrants who restaurant owner’s pay less wages too and there’s not much to hone your skills on in this state other than Italian fare. The industry has gone mostly part time hourly work. My daughter and son in law are in the entertainment industry (live theatre..) so am I. She wants out and can’t find anything else to do because her resume shows management background??? He is a stage hand ….a gypsy…not so much union work anymore. Youngest is an buyer for a car wholesaler….crazy extra long hours and the business is highly unpredictable. My husband is retired from a 35 year career in the medical xray and it field. He has taken a retirement job…not so bad but this state is highly unfriendly to young families and retirees. I would go closer to my home state of Louisiana in a hearbeat. Just not willing to leave the family here.

  20. I moved from CT to NC nearly 8 years ago. Property taxes kept going up, housing costs kept going up, fees at the DMV kept going up, and on and on. The only thing I regret about my move is missing family and friends. I love where I live now.

  21. i m one of the fortunate people who has a job and a house that is paid for. i do admit that things are very expensive here but i like the different seasons and I HOPE i can continue to live here

  22. Just remember when and if you leave, you moved to that state, that state didn’t move to you. Basically don’t move to another state and fuck that up too

  23. It’s too expensive to live in Connecticut. Taxes, Gas, insurance. If I could I would kiss this state good bye.

  24. My husband and I are hoping to sell our house and move to ohio because that is the only place he could find a good paying job. I can’t wait to leave CT.

  25. Ive moved out of connecticut, but moved back a uear later. It may be cheaper in states bit the crime rate is way higher! I don’t like the rules to get your license. They make it,way to complicated just so they can make more money. And the new gun laes are outrageous. Taxes are high that’s ano brainer. Property seems to be very low right now, and the schools are good. But I do not forsee me spending,my whole life in CT although I do love it here:)

  26. way to expensive all the way around from town taxes car taxes fees for everything business can not thrive here under such harsh conditions and hurts like heck

  27. I hate Connecticut because it is way to expensive to afford anything. I work 70 a week and got nothing to show for it except losin time with my kids.

  28. I agree with most. Cost of living in Connecticut is high. Even to retire here in CT, you are taxed on your retirement. Makes no sense. And when Im passing for a high mortgage, college, children’s activities, and I see people on welfare, getting everything the same for free, its not worth living here any longer. Yes I know it happens everywhere, but im tired of working my ass off for others to sit back and live off money. We r taxed on everything, u get a raise, and they raise the cost of insurance so ur raise basically pays for insurance. I can go on and on and its not going to change anything. Time to move

  29. Being a single mom in CT and unable to move because their Dad lives in CT is frustrating…I can’t find full time work thanks to Dem ‘leadership’ and can’t afford my health insurathanks to Dem ‘leadership’ ….it’s time for a change in politics and lower gas prices.

  30. I was born and raised here in Ct and would move in a heartbeat if I could afford to. Trying to find a good paying full time job is impossible, trying to pay all your bills on one income is impossible as well but told I make too much to get help from the state but if I quit my job and have more kids they would hand me money. Taxes are outrageous, I wouldn’t be surprised if we get taxed to breathe the crappy Ct air. And the violence is just getting worse no safe places to raise our children anymore unless your a millionaire. Total crap is what this state has become and its sad because I remember how beautiful it was when I was little

  31. I can’t wait to be able to afford to leave ct if ever possible. It’s way too expensive; I’m sure plenty of people are sick of struggling to get by. The weather here is horrible; it’s always freezing in my opinion. Also, there’s nothing to do here. I know for a fact if more people knew of this poll CT would be the worst state in the US.

  32. We pay taxes, but we don’t see the taxes at work! This was a beautiful an rich state! We had taxes, great jobs an local residence all cared about keeping their neighborhoods clean because they were proud. Jobs,money an pride an community cleanup is in disarray. Where is the city!! or State? Where is the pride we once had? Crime rates have also escalated, so how do you think people are going to feel. Put are taxes to good use! Fix pot-holes, streets clean an the environment clean an help with are hard earned tax dollars, you take every week from us an then maybe people will care enough to staying here! We want the state an city to care an we will too!

  33. I was born and raised here. I am now raising my family here. I make $80,000 a year and my husband owns a business. Due to the high cost of doing business here, for small businesses, there is not much income from that. We are just scraping by. When my kids move on in a couple of years; we will too. This is a State you move out of – not into.
    Wouldn’t lower taxes/costs and more population work better than higher taxes/costs and less population? Why don’t we lower taxes and, as a result, get a higher tax base. Offer more services and more retirement relief and grow the tax base even more. I am no mathematician but that to me is how this should be dealt with. It is easier to get a million bucks from a million people than it is to get a million bucks from 100 people. I will miss living along tge water here but will not look back.

    • I agree with you completely. Small business takes a hit but the state will entice large companies in with tax breaks, etc….My family is 5 generation Ct but none of my children can afford to live there. I moved to AZ. Yes, we have hot summers but no humidity and the other 3 seasons are fabulous. Sun 300 days out of the year and $600. a year taxes on the house doesn’t hurt either. Though I’m retired the job market seems busy especially IT. More moving in every month. Don’t expect high wages but cost of living is so much less you don’t miss it unless you bring a pile of bills with you from CT. Just a little side note: when I went to the MVD it took me 15 minutes to get my license……..

  34. The property tax on cars which I never paid before I got here and the cost of changing my Driver’s license over was crazy. I’m going back to Arizona where I can be warm and be able to live on my pay. Also had a hard time dealing with the weather here. I loved the people here and the beauty of the state however. I wish I could have afforded to live here too. The high cost of living was insane!

  35. Funny how this economist did his best to try and explain that we aren’t one of the states with the highest tax burden. What a joke. People and businesses don’t leave a state at THESE RATES for reasons other than financial, or perceived tyranny.

  36. Been struggling for the past 4 year’s ..my youngest is graduating in June and were out of here. Off to Florida with the rest of my family who have all moved years ago. Needless to say a tough move but they all have succeeded in having a more comfortable or manageable life style …peace out CT…I hate you!!!!!!

    • Oh and I should mention we don’t have cable or any other luxuries just work and barely be able to pay

  37. We would also move out of Connecticut. I wish we could have voted. It is too expensive to retire here, once you leave you can never afford to come back, even if you wished to! Our laws do not reflect the will of the people, instead reward those who do not work by choice. Illegal used to mean you were doing something that was punishable, now it is a badge and a “free” card. My family came from Germany and Greece. They wanted to become Americans. They worked hard and were proud to become Americans. Politicians bought out by corporations, putting tax burdens on the working poor/middle class. Good luck when the middle class is gone.

  38. The first sentence below the headline title, ‘ Nutmeggers love to grumble’, etc. has a patronizing tone, in my opinion. Yes, Nutmeggers grumble when there is very good reason. Aside from weather, a common worldwide topic for grumbler’s, Connecticut residents have many, ongoing burdens that increasing numbers of residents believe can be relieved only by moving to another state. Increased taxes on ever expanding lists of goods, services, income and assets. Plus, state budget fiascos, criminal politicians, dangerous cities over-run by welfare recipients and drug dealers, deteriorating education standards as well as infrastructure such as roads, schools, natural resources and tourist attractions. The state is not business friendly. It does not respect its senior citizens, disabled children, families or Judeo-Christian values. Corruption is rampant while lower level public servants are treated like a disposable commodity and endlessly berated by a citizenry who keeps electing the same people who do not responsibly govern because there is very little accountability. I hope the grumbling people of Ct come to realize they have the responsibility and the power to implement positive change. Wherever people live they must pay attention and take an active role in government. And, it will always matter if people vote, thoughtfully.

  39. I left 14 years ago. I was taxed to death when my husband died and could not afford living there. My children are there still there. I visit two months out of the year. Because if I stay three months I will be taxed on my RV in Willington CT. I am a resident of Louisiana. That is just not right!

  40. I have wanted to leave this state for years and haven’t because of family.As soon as my two oldest sons finish school I’m out of hear.They will have better career opportunities elsewhere.Plus the cost of living is too high here for someone on a somewhat fixed income like myself.I can enjoy a better quality of life by moving to where my income would stretch further than it does here.Here,I have to take in a boarder just to pay the mortgage! By moving to where the taxes are lower across the board mortgage/rent will be cheaper as well as other things thus making life easier and more enjoyable with my current ongoing income.

  41. My husband and I just moved to Alabama this past September away from family and friends but it was the best decision we have ever made. It is crazy the difference in cost of living housing is cheaper, no vehicle taxes, low property taxes, people are so much nicer, schools are wonderful with higher standards, more economical growth, lower crime. It was amazing to me that it only costed me $24 dollars to get my license. Food and entertainment doesn’t cost that much cheaper but it is easier to afford those things when you are not paying out the a&# for everything else!!!

  42. look some one voted malloy in and it wasn’t me. if you want change you have to change it. they won’t do it for you. tomany people think the vote won’t matter. it is all you have it your right use it! and if we don’t unite, there will never be change! we have say stop. we are no longer we the people.

  43. Iam mm leaving cant stand it here inn ct. Why do we have to keep paying taxesfor something we already own its ridiculous. The government are crooks and they dont fix the roads sowhere is the money going for car taxes in there damn pockets. Ct. Is so damn expensive going to try to be out of ct by the end of summer

  44. I agree with many others. I am in Connecticut because I was born and raised here as were my parents. Family is the reason I remain. Connecticut feels like the piece of New England no one wanted to me. We don’t have Cape Code, we don’t have Newport, we don’t have Boston. When I travel all people can think of when I say where I’m from is “Oh, casinos”. Ugh! Hartford has almost nothing to offer (and it’s where my family is originally from) and New Haven would be the same if not for Yale. Taxes are high, our cities continue to decay and you need to leave the state for a decent vacation. (Vacation in Connecticut, really?) The weather is either too frigid or too cold and rainy or too hot for a few weeks and that’s it. My brother and his family agree. When/if opportunity knocks we are all headed out.

    • There is no place on earth that is perfect. Except Ct. I love it here and would not want to live anyplace else. Ct. Is not so bad and we are a retired couple. To me it is heaven. Who wants allthose bugs and humidity in fla. Not for me and not for a lot of people i am sure.

  45. My wife and I moved to Georgia in January. The same or better lifestyle as we had in CT costs $35,000 less here in GA. Two weeks ago I had to return to CT. I filled up on Diesel here for $.85/gal less here than in CT..Malloy drove us out with his taxes, auto expenses for registrations, gas taxes, income taxes, etc. That’s why over 600 people a week are moving out. Drivers lic here is $20 for 5 years. Registration for my 1 ton truck is $20 for 2 years ($265 in CT) no tax on retirement income here. CT is a sanctuary state, flooded with illegals who steal work from its citizens, and suck up freebies payed for by an ever decreasing population. I’m going to enjoy watching the inevitable economic collapse from here as I sip a cool one by the pool.. First person I met here, when hearing that I moved from CT said,
    “Connecticut? Welcome to America son!). Amen! By the way, Floridians are flooding in here because of,how expensive Florida is. Housing is less, fuel is less, property taxes are less. We call them “halfbacks”. (From the Northeast to FL then back North to Georgia) come on down, Y’All,

    • I just posted a similar reply from moving to Myrtle Beach SC a decade ago. Visiting daughter in Ct and al I hear is how expensive gas and taxes are in her Danbury condo. I paid $3.32 for gas and here it is $3.89 so I try to think of Prius for a car rental. Love the south and have large State Retiree group in Carolina I serve as retiree state president. My teacher pension and no social security made it impossible to live in my home state after my wife passed of cancer.

  46. Taxes too high. Malloy (all Democrats) tax too much and misuse funds–all crooks. No true concern for working people–only empty words. Taxing social security–ridiculous. What a state! Terrible state–overtaxes, overpriced, and filled with lefties. Our state in an obamanation. I would like to move to Texas or South Carolina.

  47. We are all headed out within a year. Too expensive living here. Just not nice anymore like it used to be. Everything is being rented out and all the beautiful houses going to pot. Sick of the car tax for one thing and Malloy!!!

  48. I have a decent job in CT, which I enjoy. I love the state forests and the natural beauty of the state. I own my own home and can just barely afford to live here. In truth, though, I have lived in other states and have always wanted to come back asap. Money doesn’t make me happy, nor does material possessions. So I’m poor but happy in CT. Better than being miserable somewhere else.

  49. Have lived here since 1965. Used to think this state was the best of the best.
    No more. We own our home. No mortgage. Taxes, high cost of living are killing us.
    The hidden taxes we are all paying are a huge scam perpetrated on the people of Ct.

    Public debt per capita is over $5500.00 California gets all the attention for its fiscal troubles but they are in great shape compared to us. Only about (I think) $3500.00 per person.
    The reason for our mess? Look at who has had complete control of the state for almost 50 years: the Democrats. They give welfare, free housing and medical to illegals.

    Now they get drivers’ licenses so they can compete even more for the few jobs there are.
    Only a couple of states tax retirement income. You have to be crazy to stay here.
    As soon as we can sell our house (if that’s still possible) we are GONE.

    Memo to Gov. Molloy and the rest of the gang: better start cutting the freebies and lower the taxes because pretty soon there won’t be anyone left to foot the bills.

  50. im ready to bail out, havent had a raise in 6 years still trying to live off the same wages of 6 years ago, gas goes up, food goes up, taxes increase to levels you cant afford, home heating oil for winter living off credit cards, connecticut is sucking the life and money out from me, get paid on thursday and im broke thursday night. soon as sell my house im looking to get out, hell im ready to give it back to bank.

  51. This state sucks and I will definitely be leaving in 2 years when i retire. Your knee jerk reaction to MY gun rights and all your other BS that you don’t think thru have pushed me out. Not even mentioning the cray taxes on BS, all will voted OUT of office on my next voting. At least till I,leave

  52. It is ridiculously expensive to live in CT. State and local governments continuously spend without concern of what the real needs of its people are, nor are they willing to make the necessary changes to save any real money (i.e. 5-142).
    Additionally, our legislative assembly continues to pass law after law after law, to the point where almost everything has been legislated..The recent gun control law will not stop, or fix anything, except for a law abiding citizen who wishes to purchase a firearm. Criminals and mentally unstable people don’t care about laws…hello!!??
    Maybe you should require people to have permits for knives in the wake of the Milford tragedy!!

  53. We retired last year, sold our home in an affluent community and moved to FL. The reason? Winters, high taxes, income taxes, home heating oil, etc. People cannot afford to stay in CT. It’s very sad. I never thought we would ever leave the beautiful state but we did. Oh ya, did I mention the traffic?

  54. ct is a money hungry tax state. if they could tax you having sex they would. all this state does is keep finding more ways to empty your pockets. the more you work to try to get ahead they find others ways to take it from you. it cost 15 bucks or more just to get in our own parks and 28 bucks for a resident fishing lience come ppl. other states don’t charge that for being out of state. soon as I get my bills caught up my house is going on the market and I hope it’s soon

  55. All true conn sucks it’s true you can’t have 500 people working paying taxes and 1,000 people sucking the financial tit sitting home getting everything not working and not being legal in this country that’s a joke they say they take the jobs nobody wants that funny tell that to the Italian masons the Canadian sheet rockers the college student who works mowing lawns to pay for his or her tuition but the illegals get there education for free or at a discounted rate I will soon be selling and leaving can’t wait and for the real rich who live here love the illegals because they work for real cheap so they stay rich not caring about the middle class or poor Americans who might need the same job they give the illegals oh ya the dems of ct

  56. I hate living in ct too . Taxes are high. No jobs, winters suck. Too expensive to live here.
    Yes most of school systems are top rate but that doesn’t mean the students are. The only thing Connecticut does going for it … Nvm. It has nothing I can think of.

  57. Wow, and I thought I was the only one that the taxes and high cost of living was killing. Apparently, I am not alone. We are small business owners and honestly, we are struggling to make ends meet. We are one of the biggest tax payers in our town, when we go down, the whole town will suffer. We went to a meeting about our taxes and were told that the mill rate would be going up again, and why? Because people aren’t paying their taxes. Two companies in town haven’t paid taxes in years, one is closing its doors leaving the town holding the bag. Why didn’t they go after the taxes while the company was still viable. Huh? Let’s raise the taxes on the few that do pay? Seriously? How’s that going to work? Yeah, as soon as I can afford it, I am outy. Wait, afford it? Yeah, that’s never going to happen. Unless, anyone want to buy a business? Anyone? Anyone at all?

  58. I agree with most of the reasons others have posted. I’d like to add a few of my own as reasons CT is not a great state to live! Not much to do (after Mystic and the Mark Twain House you’re done!), terrible infrastructure (84’s design is horrible, needs more exits in the northwest and placement in general), Bridgeport to Port Jefferson ferry (when you land in Port Jeff you are greeted with restaurants, shops a park/when you arrive in Bridgeport your are greeted with concrete, crime), terrible beaches and a dirty Long Is. Sound (expensive to park, few resorts, pathetic), no professional sports team(we all know the story!), Bradley INTERNATIONAL Airport-huh?(where are the “international” flights and why does the airport virtually shut down after 10:30?-heaven forbid if you’re hungry upon arrival, nothing open and no restaurants surrounding the airport). Add to those, limited public transportation, a capitol city with little attraction(maybe the capitol should be moved to Stamford where a dynamic atmosphere lives!) and a major river with basically no development on it!

  59. Taxes, taxes taxes. Property taxes and car taxes and every tax known to man. Cost of living if too much. I can’t wait to get out. Every raise goes to increase in health coverage. Can’t get ahead ever. Will die working to pay CT taxes.

  60. I agree with everyone, taxes are to high In CT. for such a “small” state, big taxes! We can’t not afford to live here! As soon as we are able to sell our “little house” and our sons leave the nest (one is a college graduate and cant find employment in his specialty area of meteorology and the other one is unemployed and can’t find employment to build up his skills, we intend to move out of this “black hole” and move, anywhere but in CT. Ct keeps getting worse for the middle class, if there is such a class anymore. People with high paying jobs love CT, but those who live paycheck to paycheck find it hard to live here and pay all those high taxes. Lived here all my life and we decided we wanted change, where we could live out our retirement years, but come back to visit family. That bus transit system that is planned…sinking ship…not enough people are going to use it to be cost effective. Another black hole. Millions down the drain. Another use of taxpayers money,
    Don’t get me started.

  61. One of the saddest things that happened to me was when my parents decided to move from Michigan to Connecticut in 1949. I have traveled to most states in the US and there is nowhere more unfriendly than Connecticut. I would move in a heartbeat if my family wasn’t here but I guess I’ll continue to live and die in this godforsaken state.

  62. State employees grumbling. Have they forgoten with the pension health benefits continue & the kids get to go to state schools tuition free. agreed taxes too high!

  63. It would be good to send all these responses to Gov. Molloy directly for mandatory reading! I agree with the issues discussed & hope to move sooner than later.


  65. Coming from Westchester County,New York and living there my whole life (43 years) you guys have NO idea what expensive is. My yearly taxes in Ardsley NY on a 1/5 acre of land, no privacy, on a busy street, were $18,000 a year. I lived there for three years, that’s $54,000 in taxes in 3 years. Before that my taxes were $11,000 per year for an even smaller house. CT home values and taxes are not high in comparison to other areas within a 50 mile radius. Also I was recently hospitalized with an out of nowhere rare lung disease. I was NOT a mooches, I was NOT low income, I was and am NOT what many of you would consider slime off the street mooching off the system. Yet I’ve paid CT taxes for the last years, who was going to pay my 3.5 million doable, 47 day hospital stay? Me? Nope. I qualified for Husky. I’d didn’t pay a cent. Because this state actually takes care of it’s sick people. Low income, middle income or whatever. So if you don’t like CT. Get the hell out and make room for those who actually enjoy it here. Come whining to me when you’ve been sick, in and out if hospitals for a year, and on life support. Come whining when the state DOESN’T take care of you. Or better still go someplace that will tolerate your whining. CT doesn’t need whiners, we need people who will make a change by being proactive and positive.

    • Paul, please. Kiss your master’s hand that “saved your life”. I don’t want the “state” to give me a damn thing. They don’t “own” me.

  66. Wish I had a chance to respond….would have said I’m out of here too. Some of my family has moved because with retirement looming, it’s too expensive to live here. And it is. Beyond that, what does Connecticut really have to offer? This is not a friendly state at all….we have no tourism industry….because we are known as an unfriendly place. Businesses are leaving due to high costs, and lack of industry. People just don’t want to be here. We may have some good colleges, but we don’t offer anything in the way of employment after. There is nothing here…..counting down my time. Counting down…..

  67. In a word; No. It is tough to live here for many reasons. CT lawmakers amended its bottle bill in 2010 to include water bottles, . Why not include all containers such as a can of corn? *sarcasm. Now Highway Tolls are being pushed by the same jerks that keep getting elected. CT Tolls will further cripple our fragile state economy. Newsflash; they will never have enough of our money in Hartford, we have a spending problem. Vote to throw the crooks out! Remember when the Casinos opened, Dodd and cronies at the time claimed that we would have an annual surplus never again a deficit because of Casino tax revenue, gimmie a break, its worse now.

  68. Thank you for all of your comments. This poll got quite the reaction and will revisit in the future.

    • It’s only going to get worse. More and more people realize that they cannot afford
      the expense to live in CT. I have already started preparing to to leave before it’s too

    • I wish you’d also write on what an un-tourist friendly state CT is. I am c inside ring cancelling my trip as I read more about what it costs to visit there.

  69. Wonderful post however I was wanting to know if you could write a
    litte more on this subject? I’d be very thankful if you could elaborate a
    little bit further. Thank you!

  70. it is way too expensive. that is why Gas,groceries, booze and clothing is bought in MA.

  71. This is a sad state of affairs. It seems like a lot of us can remember when this state was a nice place to live. What is going on!!! I think “they” have turned CT into a test state. “They” want to see how far they can push people until they break. I have a good job making a decent wage but enough is enough!! Every time we turn around there is another tax!! Life is to short to settle in the miserable state that CT has become. We are outta here!!!

  72. I hate the absolute arrogance of these dweeb state officials. We work our butts off every week, just to hear that these irresponsible morons gave themselves raises, when we are drowning in taxes, and were given a whole new round of taxes AGAIN! I’m sick of it. CUT SPENDING!!!!!

  73. I’m from CT my entire life. My wages never seem to go up while utilities, food,TAXES, all do. car tax bill just received. Almost $350 for 7 year old car. I pay that for car insurance!! I hate this damn state! Taxes on my house have gone up 25% in 5 years. They are driving us out and ruining our credit to boot! Can’t afford to stay or leave. They will suck every last dime until residents are bankrupt.

  74. This page reeks of piss and vinegar judging by all the nasty comments. Uggh…The public has spoken!!!…..Although I grew up here as an adolescent in the “good ol days”..and moved to other states to pursue educational and vocational opportunities after high school, I was persuaded (conned/manipulated) to move back from Manhattan a number of years ago . I have been somewhat depressed and in “cool city” withdrawal ever since……Aside from the high taxes, high cost of living and nasty winters,,the one thing that CT has going for is it is…eh?? It’s only a ferry ride away from long island.!!..You can get to Boston via road or rail.!!..If you live in lower fairfield county, New York city is not that far away!!…CT has a Pro sports team ( ah S%$# the whalers left,dammn!!) Actually the beaches near the shoreline are cool and there’s always mohegan sun if you need to gamble away whats left after taxes ( or catch an Air Supply Reunion Show or Tom Jones concert) Actually, my favorite activity is hanging out with ultra arrogant snotty entitled trust fund brats at craft brew bars or yacht clubs..Snootay, hip hip hooray!!. I just cant get enough of the ultra snide arrogance, condescension and a “i poop vanilla ice cream” vibe that oozes out in non verbal communication and verbal dialogue!! Although most of ct ( hopefully not dwindling) portion of CT are good god fearing hard working middle class folk, I find that hanging out with snotty arrogant “peeps” is the ultimate cherry on a cake made of s__t.!!!! Someone once said if the current economic , tax structure continues, CT will resemble an oligarchy consisting of the megawatt wealthy and the megawatt poor that receive meager hand outs from the Nanny Super State or from low income hourly wage service sector jobs….Bah Humbug….Happy Holidays.. NutMeggggg!!

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