Reason #742 to own a Buick Roadmaster

We had my daughter’s 5th birthday party over the weekend and thanks to our family workhorse Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon, I was able to pick up two dozen balloons.   The 24 helium spheres fit quite nicely in the third row cargo hold, and I easily could have fit more in the back seat.

I think if other people tried that in their bantam weight foreign wagons, the balloons wouldn’t have fit, and those inside might have be enough to carry the car up, up and away to the sun.

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  1. Dennis,

    My name is Bill Leffler and we have a Chevrolet Buick Dealership in Troy, PA that was started by my Grandfather back in 1946. I saw your article in the Troy Pennysaver about your Roadmaster and wanted to agree with you on what a great vehicle they are. Also, I wanted to see if you were possibly in the market for another? I have a mint condition, one owner 1995 on the lot that we sold brand new. Please let me know if your interested, my number is 570-297-2148 and e-mail address is bleffler3@eighmeychevy.com.

    Keep enjoying that Buick!



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