Reason # 733 to own a Buick Roadmaster

Of my Roadmaster’s favorite places to go is Home Depot, where the venerable Buick gets its workout hauling whatever I’m buying.     During a recent trip there we spotted another, belonging to a business called “Finestra Rossa,” a window company.

While rare, it is not unheard of for businesses to drive around in a Roadmaster.  They are big, comfortable and luxurious, and you can buy one relatively inexpensively.  Selling point?   The cargo area holds a sheet of plywood.     There’s also that towing capacity.   Don’t try that with just any station wagon.

Check out this picture someone posted.


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  2. Thats my wagon! Yes, the Roadmaster is great! It’s also a very fast car! Mine has a lt1 motor same engine GM used in corvettes of the same era. The roadmaster also delivers impressive fuel economy. I average 20mpg. I have gotten up to 30mpg but it was all highway! Awesome you spotted my beloved car. I actually have two of these wagons the other is a Chevy Caprice Wagon.


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