Mika, Gayle and Me


20 years ago this month, I ditched the alarm clock and became a night owl.   I was anchoring Eyewitness News Daybreak with Mika Brzezinski when I got the call to sit alongside Gayle King on Eyewitness News at 5:30, which thankfully had a PM after it.   Mika and I had been friends since we were first hired at WFSB in 1992, but had only recently become co-anchors.  Just a few months before,  she’d been tapped to replace Virginia Cha as my early morning partner and we were just getting our groove when I was promoted.


I anchored with Gayle at 5:30 until 1999, when she left WFSB for O Magazine.  We had some fun times together and thanks to the Channel 3 viewers, some great ratings, too.    Working nights meant sleeping in, but that ended when Kara and I were blessed with our children.  Now, I’m just a sleep-deprived night owl.


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  1. We remember the 3 of you together so very well!! We lived in Avon from 1960 – 2001 – Charlie taught Math at Avon High for 36 years! Actually, I, Jan, was born in Hartford in 1936 and moved to Rocky Hill in 1937!! We listened to WTIC & Bob Steele in the mornings religiously on our “wooden radio” – loved his “word of the day segment”. When we FINALLY got a TV in about 1957, we then began to watch WTIC-TV now WFSB and have followed you all ever since!! What a wonderful “run” you all have had & we miss Gayle & Mika & others who have come & gone although we see Gayle on TV again! We hope to be watching you & Kara & the rest of the WFSB Team for many more years! We lived in Groton from 2000-2014 and now live in Mystic at StoneRidge, which will be our last move!


  2. I watched all 3 of you on Ch 3 back in the days…you always were easy to watch & although you all were relatively new , you did a fabulous job of reporting.


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