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Ann Coulter on her Home State and 2014


Best-selling author and commentator Ann Coulter is one of the most memorable pundits on television. In the vernacular of television producers, this outspoken conservative always leaves you with a great soundbite.

Coulter is a native Nutmegger who grew up in New Canaan, a celebrity enclave where David Letterman once lived. That’s her NCHS yearbook picture above, and when you compare to the picture below, you realize it is clear she’s taking her vitamins.

Coulter left Connecticut long ago, but still keeps tabs on the political scene here. The now Florida resident is out with a new book and I invited her on Face the State to talk about it. We’ve had other national politicos with Connecticut roots who’ve made it big come on the show like Mika Brzezinski, Chris Cillizza and others. Coulter wasn’t planning on being in our state, so we swapped some questions and answers via e-mail.


DH When you were growing up in Connecticut, the state was more Republican with a Republican senator, and Republican members of congress. The GOP carried CT in the presidential elections of 1972, 76, 80, 84, and 88. Now the state is completely blue with the entire delegation being Democratic, a Democratic governor and the Dems control the House and Senate here. In your opinion what has happened?
AC Either the imposition of a state income tax or some sort of Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

DH You have criticized Linda McMahon and her senate runs in 2010 and 2012. What kind of Republican do you think could be elected in Connecticut?
AC I don’t criticize McMahon! In fact, I tried to appear at an event for her a few weeks before the last election, which was in the middle of my “Mugged” book tour, and wrote columns attacking her first opponent, the repellant Richard Blumenthal. McMahon is a loyal Republican, who put everything she had into both races and handled herself well. My complaint is with her campaign consultants, whose business is politics, and surely knew that it was going to be nearly impossible to get your average Fairfield County soccer mom to vote for anyone associated, in any way, with professional wrestling.

Former Congressman Rob Simmons could have won either of those races, but he didn’t have a personal fortune to spend on the race, so the consultants pushed McMahon to run. Twice!

DH Do you still have family here?
AC Yes

DH What was your favorite thing about growing up here?
AC No income tax.

DH Were you politically active during your years here? Attending rallies, running for school office?
AC Yes! My parents were active Republicans, so I attended Republican events with them, helped send out postcards for Reagan, wrote letters to the editor of the Stamford Advocate denouncing Coleman McCarthy columns and defaced Democratic campaign signs. No wait – not the last thing.

DH How do your books sell here?
AC I have absolutely no idea. I believe nearly half my book sales are now sold as Kindle books, so I’m not sure I could even find out.

DH Is your home state well served by its senators Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy?
AC No, but at least the people of CT have managed to get Blumenthal out of the state so he can’t bother everyone anymore with those press conferences every six minutes.

DH Favorite Connecticut Republican, past or present?
AC Harriet Beecher Stowe

DH Can Republicans win the governor’s race this year, or will Governor Malloy be re-elected?
AC For CT’s sake, I hope the next governor will be Tom Foley. It’s a shame to see such a pretty state as CT go the way of Detroit as all the businesses and workers flee to more hospitable states.

For the record, I don’t know Ann Coulter. Kara and I met her once about a dozen years ago in Newport through a mutual friend.

Also, take a look at some video of the time I sunk a news car. Really. https://dennishouse1.wordpress.com/2013/01/23/that-time-i-sank-a-news-car-on-a-frigid-winter-day/


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    • Dennis, thank you for the thoughtful interview with Ann. She’s a conservative treasure and very well spoken although a bit unreserved.


      • If she’s a treasure, she needs to be buried. She’s nothing but a female Rush Limbaugh (much more pleasing on the eyes, however) who spews racist, hateful remarks. I’ve seen or heard her many times and I’m sure she’s laughing all the way to the bank because of all the idiots who believe these right-wing hate-mongers.


      • Richard, an ad hominem references to Ann are disingenuous and shows a lack of cognizant reasoning. Ann Coulter does a fine job of presenting things the way they are rather than the way you or anyone else wants them to be. I want right wing government in CT. Are you happy paying one of the highest tax rates in the country? Are you happy that CT is losing businesses and thereby jobs to other states because of taxes and left wing restrictions? I’m certainly not happy with that.


  1. Coulter does know that the income tax was brought in by Lowell Weicker? The guy who was a Republican before he switched to Independent? Probably not, doesn’t fit into her nasty MO.


  2. I find her liking Harriet Beacher Stowe kind of amusing. If Ms Stowe and Ms Coulter were active in the same eras, I don’t think Ms Coulter would be praising her (Interfering in state’s rights! Freeing slaves would mean the loss of property for their owners! Who will compensate them for their losses? What would those slaves do without a wealthy owner to care for them?). And I do not think Ms Coulter would have had anything to do with the Republican Party, President Lincoln or the likes of abolshionists! The Republican party has done a 180 degree switch in the last 150 years.


    • Tell me, Heidi-how did the GOP do a “180” since the time of Lincoln? Are you spouting Ed Shultz talking points? Lift the lid a little and do some research…Open your mind. Peace out.


  3. Good questions Dennis, I appreciate the effort to interview all parties, hateful or not (and I don’t think she is hateful, but a realist), and I totally agree with her as to where this state is heading and I would love to see what Foley can do for this beautiful state.
    Thanks for your journalism.


  4. Dennis,
    This was a good piece. Didn’t know she was from CT. Funny how the supposed “tolerant” liberals are really so INTOLERANT when it comes to people that differ with them politically.


    • Liberals are tolerant of other people, but don’t take kindly to hate speech saying that 9/11 widows wanted their husbands to die so that they could seize the media limelight for themselves or that women shouln’t have a right to vote because they vote more for Democrats or use of the phrase “token minorities.” These comments are despicable, and something I wouldn’t want my children hearing.


      • I agree Jennifer. I am tolerant of people with compassion and empathy, Coulter has neither of these values. I don’t care if she is from CT, the comments she has made in the past are offensive.


    • Thank you Mary for pointing that out the intolerable other side. I think it’s hypocritical that any person/party professes to be for the people however resorts to name calling… Excellent point.


      • once again, political correctness is used to blind the “People”, liberal or conservative, (in this case liberal) to the real issues, as violation to the constitution, high taxes, no employment growth, education, etc. etc; meanwhile let’s see another episode of media calling a Woman with conservative values the “C” word.


  5. Ann gives a very good historical perspective on Connecticut’s political
    Climate. Growing up in Southington it was conservative.
    I have now left the state for Florida. Taxes were in the top 5reasons
    Why I left. Ann made a telling comment that it is sad
    To see CT go the way of Detroit. If you are making excuses
    For the political/economic climate in CT, which I did for years, then
    You are only convincing yourself, at best.


  6. Is Ann Coulter still relevant? is she pushing another book? ho hum – her leaving CT for FL raised the intelligence of two states in one fell swoop


  7. She is despicable Human being shows no compassion or empathy well educated for sure Look at her social values I usually wouldn’t care of her sexuality but really No one wants her for their mate or companion . She gained all her notoriety by being a female Rush Limbaugh. These people Love Shock and Awe for no other value than self serving. Look at me syndrome. Her comments are reprehensible totally Racist Hatred Homophobic diatribe and is making millions praising herself. Why does WSFB even entertain the thought of this interview. My personnel opinion they have jumped on the NATIONAL ENQUIRER HYPE of Journalism. I am constantly in awe of their News reporters tactical manoeuvers to entrap people to interview. They’ve stooped to a new LOW. most of their broadcast have no social redeeming value other than destroying the lives and credibility of people who have not been convicted That’s why I usually listen to PBS Great non Biased interviews and Straight ahead journalism


  8. I don’t particularly like her but I have too say I agree with her especially the part of Rob Simmons could have won the election if he had only a fraction of the money Linda put into the election. I also agree with her that our Senators are useless.


  9. yes, liberals are so very tolerant, calling Laura Lingraham a slut, saying someone should defaecate on Sarah Palin,making fun of Mitt Romney’s grandchild, yes like that tolerant liberal language


  10. I wasn’t going to comment but being a transplanted Nutmegger myself I feel what’s changed for the worse in a State I loved growing up in and still visit occasionally because of the same type of people making these ridiculous comments about AC. CT is in trouble, I have a personal childhood friend that as a respected professional was recently forced to close his medical practice due to insanity of government intervention into his and other doctors offices. I have met quite a few docotrs and lawyers that have spinted from CT due to it’s crippling taxes, rules, etc. Growing up I remember a prsperous CT and remember feeling bad for all the people stuck in nearby Massachusetts stuck in a Liberal machine, driven by Teddy Kennedy and was so glad my folks chose CT when relocating from NJ. Thank you for interviewing AC and being open minded enough to realize things aren’t great in CT anymore.


  11. Thanks for the interview with AC. I happen to like her. She stands up, never backing down, to “tolerant” liberalism, which cannot tolerate her!! She is certainly not politically correct, which makes liberals go bizerk, calling her all sorts of vile names.


  12. It is a shame that CT has steadily declined in recent past. I grew up in CT and think the world of that state. I would have eventually loved to gone back and raised my kids there, but the expenses would be too burdensome. I wish the residents there would stop focusing on the hatred they feel towards one anothers political view and focus on reshaping the state


  13. Man you left wing lunatics are a bunch of cry babies. What drives you left-tards crazy are people like Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh because they expose the truth that Big Government, Unions and Special Interest groups are destroying this country. Thank God for Conservatives standing up for the Constitution.


    • Rich ANN And Rush Expose the Truth Rich What freakin Planet do you live on?. Ok Forget It Just take your meds and go lay down like a good little boy since your not an adult yet to know what is going on in the real world


    • @Rich – Limbaugh & Coultor do not deal in truth, they are not journalists, nor are they truly even pundits. They are grifters selling their nonsense to an ignorant populace who actually believes this democrat and republican illusion. So they spew thinly veiled hatred and it’s lapped up by people such as yourself that are blind to the hate inside you that keeps you blind. Instead of working on yourself and realizing your fellow citizens are not the enemy you irresponsibly fling your hate at the rest of us. I for one have yet to meet one of these boogeyman “dirty liberals” that Coultor, Limbaugh, et. al. want you to be so terrified of. Bottom line: they are selling the illusion of fear to separate you from your fellow citizens.


  14. The people who call ann coulter a hater are the same people who sit and watch msnbc spew hatred vile remarks and probably agree with them. Before you leave such nasty comments make sure your house is perfect. I have never heard ann coulter make any comments like Martin Bashir has made.
    Dennis I have to thank you for finally getting the other side on.


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