Slifka & Rennie: Weekend Pundits on Face the State


This past weekend on Face the State, we paired West Hartford Mayor Scott Slifka and Hartford Courant columnist Kevin Rennie as pundits, and they weighed in on Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Joe Ganim, Richard Blumenthal, Larry Kudlow and Joe Scarborough.  Here are some tidbits from their commentary:

On CNBC’s Kudlow and his potential run against Blumenthal in 2016?

Rennie:  Is he a threat?  Not a very big one.

By the way, we invited Larry Kudlow to come on Face the State, but he declined our invitation.

On the possibility of MSNBC’s Scarborough running for governor in 2018?

Slifka:  I find him very entertaining…..This is a little like the Trump dalliances we’ve been seeing ……(running for governor) it’s a come down for a guy of that stature

Rennie:  to help him with contract negotiations with NBC

On what happens if Joe Ganim is elected mayor of Bridgeport?

Slifka:  a shame for Bridgeport, the state and my party

Rennie: how would anyone explain it?

You can watch the entire segment with Slifka and Rennie right here:


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