New Tower Proposed for Capital City

The Hartford Business Journal reports this tower is being proposed for Washington Street near Hartford Hospital.  The 11 story tower would be shared by the hospital and Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.

It may be hard to believe considering the abandoned buildings, the litter-strewn Walgreens, and a Chinese restaurant in the shell of a classic Victorian building, but Washington Street used to be a beautiful street…one of the prettiest in Hartford.  

The street was home to several large Victorian homes, but only a handful remain, like this one, now a law office.

Most of the buildings like this were bulldozed for a few car dealerships that are now non-descript state office buildings.  Other beauties were demolished for bland apartment buildings, a car wash and a McDonald’s that has been the scene of various crimes over the years. 

A new tower would put more feet on the street and help revitalize the neighborhood.   With great views of the Capitol, the skyline and Trinity College a short walk downtown, a few key construction projects like this one could really turn Washington Street around.  

It would be nice if more people would buy homes in that neighborhood and fix up some of these architectural gems.   I know some folks who work either for the state or the hospitals who tell me they would love to live nearby, but they are concerned about the crime.    It is true,  the police reports include a fair number of arrests in those streets near the site of the proposed tower.   

A shiny new tower replacing an abandoned building would definitely encourage those troublemakers to move out.

Here is the HBJ article:


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  1. This building Dennis should go where the old brick building is in down town next to the Crown Royal. That old brick building has been sitting there for years and is an eye sore. Lets do something that makes since.


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