Demi, Brad, and Me


Hollywood star Brad Pitt was born on December 18, 1963. So was I.

It’s true. I’m turning the big 5-0, and you know what, I’m embracing it. Happy birthday to me! Crazy, huh?

Many people run and hide when their 50th birthday approaches, some even lie about it. I once knew a girl who threw her mother a surprise 50th, but the big surprise was on mom’s co-workers invited to a bash for a woman who had told them she was only 45. Oops.

No lying by anyone* in that mashup above. They’ve all either turned 50 this year or will in the coming weeks and months.


New parents Dennis and Marilyn House. I’m blessed to still have them.

50 is a big deal and I look at it as a gift. Life is precious and not everybody makes it this far. My grandfather didn’t get to celebrate his 50th. He was killed by a swarm of hornets at age 38. President John Kennedy didn’t make it to 50, and neither did his sons. I’ve read too many obituaries of people my age I grew up with, and the news I deliver is sadly filled with people who died well before their life was half over. I look at it this way: What’s there to complain about when you’ve made it to 50?


I plan on living to 100. That’s the agenda. I have several ancestors who’ve lived into their 90s, including this guy, my great-great grandfather Horatio House.


I still have plenty I want to accomplish in the second half of my life. I want to continue to meet new people and learn from them. I still want to break news and snag exclusive interviews. I want to see the world with my wife and kids because being a husband and a father simply rocks, and family vacations are the best thing on earth. I want to become a great surfer, learn another language (I know Spanish and also studied French and taught myself a little Italian, and I’m trying to master English) spend a summer in Italy, and some day, because life has been good to me, I want to give back and serve the people of my city as mayor of Hartford. Reaching 50 is a whole new beginning and I’m ready. Bring it on.


Being a December baby, I’m the last of my age group to reach this milestone, so over the past year I’ve had the opportunity to observe how others have accepted turning 50. Some of my friends and I still feel like we are in our 20s, others dread it and think of it as the beginning of the end, but I see it as the commencement of an exciting new chapter. Sure 50 is too old to be an NFL quarterback or join the military (something I wish I’d done in the first 50) but it’s still somewhat young to be a pope or a president. The latter two are not on my bucket list, by the way. My former co-anchor Gayle King was tapped by CBS News at 57, a 71 year old competed in the 2012 Olympics, and Democrats are likely to nominate a candidate for president in 2016 who will turn 70 a few months after being inauguration day. There are countless people who have achieved tremendous goals after they departed their 40s.

Truth be told, I feel the same as 40 or 30, only wiser. I never smoked cigarettes, drink in moderation, and work out fairly regularly. Fifty is nifty.

I’m celebrating quietly with the family this week, but I’m having a party for a good cause later in the winter, and you’re all invited. I also plan on doing a few stories on the big 5-0 in case you or a loved one is turning 50. Stay tuned for details.



Birthplace of Dennis House: Norwood Hospital Norwood, Massachusetts

* L-R top row Johnny Depp, Elisabeth Shue, John Stamos, Helen Hunt

2nd row Demi Moore, Kara Sundlun’s husband, Brad Pitt, Vanessa Williams

3rd row Michelle Obama, Rob Lowe, Lisa Kudrow, Seal

Bottom row: Conan O’Brien, Melissa Gilbert, Scot Haney, Nicholas Cage

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  1. Happy Birthday Mr Great News Man!! You I trust with the news others not so much πŸ™‚ Hope YOUR day is the best with that beautiful wife and kids!!


  2. Wow!! Debbie Cook couldn’t have said it any better. Happy Birthday, Dennis. Enjoy your day!!!


  3. Happy Birthday, Dennis House. I hope you have a great birthday!! My birthday is Dec. 29. We both are Dec. people. I hope you get what you want. πŸ™‚


  4. I noticed that you know some of your family history. Have you gone into doing all of your family tree? I’ve been doing off and on for years. It’s kind of fun to discover family members.


  5. Kim and I wish you a great 50th! Heck, you’re doing great! Enjoy that 65 E225 for a LONG time to come! How’s it doin’? We miss it! Used to be ours!!


  6. Happy Birthday, Dennis! I remember when my mother turned 50. She thought her life was over. She’s 95 now and still the life of the party. You have a wonderful attitude about life and aging. Hope all your plans and dreams come true.


  7. Welcome to 50!!! I’ve been there for a few years already, and I’m not as optimistic as you! Happy birthday! Here’s hoping for a great year for you!


  8. Happy birthday! You also share this day with my mother-in-law Alice who is 94 today and a huge fan of you and Kara!


  9. Dennis, I truly thought it was your 40th, you are a VERY young looking guy of 50!!! I don’t live in Hartford but I think you’d make a great Mayor of the city!! Congrats on your 50th and many more!!!


  10. Happy 50th Birthday, Dennis…loved the pics of you & your Mom & Dad & your comment about being happy to reach that milestone! I turned 80 a couple of months ago & am happy to be able to enjoy the Blessings of children, grandchildren & great-grandchildren. I wish you many fun times with Kara, Helena & Julian…from a faithful Channel 3 viewer for many years πŸ™‚




  12. You are in great company…my birthday was December 5th and my son-in-law’s birthday is tomorrow, just like yours.


  13. Happy Birthday, Dennis, and many more. Enjoy you and Kara on my fav channel, WFSB3. Much happiness and continued good fortune making your dreams come true.


  14. Dennis, Bill and I wish you a very Hsppy Birthday! As each year passes we embrace the new one with excitement. You will do the same I know. I recall reflecting on my first 50 years and realizing all the amazing things I accomplished! Marrying a wonderful man,raising two amazing daughters and surrounding myself with wonderful friends! You are well on your way doing the same! Congratulations again.


  15. Happy Birthday !! I to am turning 50 in Feb. and I was dreading it but thanks to me reading this it may not be so bad !!! Thank You!! Enjoy today!!!


  16. Agh, I’d planned on moving in the next few months but now have to stay so I can vote for you for mayor. Happy birthday!


  17. Happy Birthday Dennis I enjoy Watching you never a dull moment in your life with Kara wonderful family….

    Ann Bartalotta Middletown, Ct 8:22 PM 12/17/13


  18. Happy Birthday to an amazing journalist, family man and humanitarian. You keep us informed and inspire us all to learn more.


  19. Happy Birthday Dennis!!! Enjoy your day. I’ve been a faithful Channel 3 watchers for many, many years and I turned 50 this past October and was grateful to celebrate. I’m looking forward to my next 50 as well!!! Life should be a celebration!!!


  20. Hi Dennis! HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS and good health to you. You’re a pleasure to watch every day!!!

    Jean Benoit


  21. Dennis, when you run for Mayor of Hartford I hope it’s as a Republican !!! Lol, Have a great birthday!!!!!


  22. Happy birthday, Dennis!!!! My oldest son was born in 1965 in Hartford. I was born, raised in that great city!!! You would make a great mayor!!! You are a great journalist, great dad and husband and a terrific human being!!! Hope your day is as special as you are!!!! God bless you!!!


  23. Have a Happy and Healthy Birthday……It looks like it started already, the kids and cup cakes, Many Blessings.


  24. Ah, to be fifty again! Happy birthday – great pix. Love the attitude. Trust me, it only gets better.
    Denise Merrill


  25. None of them can hold a candle to you. Am I the only woman who thinks Mr. Pitt is way less than attractive? Every year is a good one, especially when you compare it to what others have made of their lives. As someone who is 65 I can only say to embrace each day that you are alive to see your wife and kids. I know the best part of growing old is having grand kids! If you love your own kids, just wait till they come along! Happy Birthday


  26. A very Happy 50th Birthday, Dennis. Hoping your day is filled with all your wishes. The best is yet to come! πŸ™‚


  27. I’m really impressed by you, Dennis!! You just seem like such a nice all around kinda guy!! May your 50th birthday bring much more joy & love to what’s already there!! Seems you have a whole slew of people that care!! Merry Christmas & God bless!!!!


  28. Welcome to 50 (0;} I always say “Old Enough to Know Better but Young Enough Not to Care!” LOL Enjoy the next 50

    hhhmmm so is that a hint that next Mayoral Election YOU will be Running for Office?


  29. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you for your great birthday wishes. I’m grateful today.


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