The Top Posts of 2013


Who knew that a picture of a crashed car would be viewed thousands of times or that a Face the State interview about the state’s new gun law would be so widely watched? What do Jim Morrison and Jim Vicevich and the Whalers have in common? These subjects were among the most read on my blog, the Hartfordite.

I want to thank all the Channel 3 viewers and others who read this blog and made 2013 a record year. When I started “the Hartfordite” in 2006, I did it because many of my colleagues in the news business had one these blog things and I thought it was good way to give people to a chance to learn about behind the scenes of WFSB and Face the State and a look at my full-time job as a dad. The blog branched out to include other subjects and a million plus hits later, here we are.

Of the dozens of posts I put out there in 2013, here are the top 15 in terms of most read:

1. New gun law:

2. Jim Morrison’s Connecticut incarceration:

3. Newtown and the media:

4. A wild crash of a Camry in a backyard:

5. Some familiar faces you may remember:

6. Jim Vicevich returns to Channel 3:

7. Inflammatory comments about Newtown:

8. Channel 3 family baby pictures of :

9. Sorting out Obamacare:

10. The F word at the mall:

11. Channel 3 back to school pictures:

12. Big Ten and the Whalers:

13. Who does Hilton Kaderli look like:

14. Governor Malloy and the Whalers:

15. The Enclave crash:

My favorite post of the year was this one: https://dennishouse.tv/2013/01/24/journey-to-abruzzo-to-meet-my-italian-family/

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