Is This Appropriate for a Mall?


Dateline: Farmington, Connecticut


I was walking through the Westfarms Mall with my son when we stopped to check out the display at Urban Outfitters, passed and gawked at by hundreds of people daily. I was a little surprised to see something featuring the adjective form of the “F” word, so prominently showcased in a place where children pass by every day.


Let me know what you think, and also check out this other story of my children and the “F” word. Perhaps since the Rainforest Cafe closed suddenly, merchants are maybe looking for an older, profanity loving clientele. Remember when the “F” word meant this?


Another “F” word tale from 2011: http://dennishouse.wordpress.com/2011/05/11/so-my-daughter-heard-the-f-word/

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  1. If someone doesn’t realize that the F__in stands for flyin’, then there’s something very wrong


    • suggest you look at photo again Jess. Just above the beach ball….. look really hard. that is not appropriate for any public place that little children go to.


  2. I’m a relatively lax parent when it comes to a lot, but respect, manners and blatant profanity when not needed are not things I let go. I’m young, I listen to new music, and I have two small kids. But this isn’t appropriate.


  3. Kinda odd. Are they trying to be artsy? Bad window dressing in all, rather tasteless. That’s what you get when you hire minimum wage high school students to dress your window displays I guess.


  4. Lighten up! It’s just a word and if it offends you don’t look if a child sees it use it as an opportunity to teach! There are way worse than seeing a curse word for cripes sake


  5. Guess I’ll be avoiding the Mall except the back door of J.C. Penney’s. When will the adults in charge grow up. Maybe they don’t want kids there anymore.


  6. Denise, it’s people like you that make me glad I don’t call Connecticut home any longer. It’s only a word and there is nothing wrong with it. Grow up and let the adults report on something a bit more worthwhile.


  7. this is really bad and our kids won’t get it unless we take the time to talk to them about it. is this worse and what Abercrom

    bie and Fitch are doing by admitting they don’t sell to “ugly or overweight” people? In their opinion anyway. Pretty sick. They need to change or go out of business.


  8. So F is for fly, as in flying Grover. I have been working with preschoolers for over 20 years. Why is anything else read into this?


    • Because people just can’t leave things alone. If they can’t dig and find things to complain about, their day isn’t complete. Same with everything! Someone gets elected to office and the first thing people do is try and find out all the crap they may have done in their lives and throw it out to the public because, as we know, all that stuff will just help our country – yeah, right. Use your energy to do something positive and HELP fix situations instead of inventing them. Where have all the adult/educated/smart people gone?


  9. What about the picture of the skull ? Here we have a decidedly satanic picture and no one picked up on it . That’s what has me concern!!


  10. don’t comment unless you’ve looked at the entire post. how anyone can miss it is unfuckinbelievable…..idiots.


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