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For a generation of Connecticut television viewers he was known as the “Money Man.” Jim Vicevich was a business reporter for WFSB for thirteen years in the 80s and 90s, and was a reliable mainstay in a period of tremendous economic change. He filed his first report for Channel 3 as the Carter malaise came to a close, covered the boom of the Reagan era, and signed off shortly after the first President Bush was sent into retirement.

To give you a sense of just how big of a deal Jim was back then, whenever he would walk into a lending institution during the banking crisis of the early 90s, employees began to sweat. They instantly knew that the Money Man knew what they didn’t know; that their bank was closing. Jim Vicevich had great sources.


I was a Channel 3 rookie then, and after watching a couple of Jim’s reports I had doubts about whether I could make it here. He was that good; always the consummate journalist, known for breaking big stories and double checking his facts. Whether he was reporting from the Soviet Union or CityPlace, Jim was never unprepared. He spoke with such determination, Denise D’Ascenzo nicknamed him the “Vociferous Vice.” Our news director Mark Effron once told me Jim was “one of the best reporters around.” I learned a great deal from him.


This past Sunday on Face the State, Jim returned to Channel 3 to share details about the current chapter in his life, one he is facing with with determination and optimism. Jim suffers from Lupus, an autoimmune disease that doesn’t get the attention cancer or heart disease receive, but affects millions of people. During our taping, Jim explained how Lupus has changed his life, and how he is using his position to help find a cure. You can watch the segment below.

Seven years ago this month, Jim launched Sound Off Connecticut, a daily show on WTIC AM 1080. He’s been called the “Rush Limbaugh of Connecticut,” but he calls himself simply a proud libertarian. Sound Off is one of the most listened to radio programs in the state.

Also on Sunday, Jim joined our political roundtable discussion with Christine Stuart of and Matt DiRienzo of Connecticut Magazine and the Torrington Register Citizen as we talked about the Tom Foley interview and the governor’s race.

Watch Jim right here:

Watch Jim in a report from 1988:
…and this report from 1993

Watch Tom Foley, Vicevich, Stuart and DiRienzo right here:

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  1. I worked with Jim Vicevich at WTAR-TV ( now WTKR-TV) in Norfolk, Virginia. Jim was a new, young reporter who had a great knack for making business stories understandable for viewers not business savvy. So his success in the Hartford market was no surprise. I have followed him on Twitter for the last year or two. So my best wishes to Jim as he battles his health issues.


    • I also worked with Jim at WTAR. He was a great, ambitious reporter…a little wet behind the ears at the time. However it was easy to see that he was going to be successful.


  2. JIm is a voice in Ct. that everyone should listen to regardless of your political views. His show opens you the the views of people you will very seldom hear in the main stream media outlets. He certainly has expanded my views on various topics as I am sure he will yours, agree with him or not. Keep up the fight, Ct. needs you.


  3. I lost my sister to Lupus in 1976, she was 22. Not much was known about it then. Godspeed to Jim…..


  4. Welcome back, Jim! I grew up in Wethersfield watching you on TV and always knew you were the one to trust to get to the bottom of a story. Using your investigative skills, I know you can overcome this disease. Please consider a whole-foods plant-based diet high in fresh, raw fruits & vegetables (especially organic berries, greens, cruciferous veggies) to strengthen your immune system. This has been proven to eliminate numerous auto-immune diseases such as allergies, asthma, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, and LUPUS. Here is a brief article by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, a board-certified physician specializing in nutrition intervention to treat disease, to get started: Be well!


  5. Jim was an awesome reporter I enjoyed his segments very much the best of luck to him wishing him to get better!


  6. I tune in regularly just to hear his rants. It is amazing to hear such passion against the establishment that make this state BRIGHT BLUE1


  7. I am listening to Jim on the radio. Love that guy. Jim just a comment on Mr. OBama, He is the largest slave owner in the U.S.


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