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Ganim Seeks Solutions; Two Republicans Seek Upsets

  Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim is dealing with a $20 million dollar budget deficit, and thinks he has a plan to fix it.   It involves cuts and a broader change in how […]

Assignment Shutdown

As Channel 3 viewers know I was sent to Washington for a quick 48 hour trip to cover the Connecticut congressional delegation during the shutdown of the federal government. We returned home […]

The Marijuana Question

During the WFSB Face the State  senate debates, we asked the candidates if they had smoked marijuana.     For the most part, the answer fell along party lines.   The Republicans all replied, “no,”  […]

Fran Fans

The excitement in the air was palpable as staffers here at Channel 3 awaited the arrival of a guest for Face the State.    Was it Rudy Giuiliani, Linda McMahon, or one of […]