Face the State

The Marijuana Question

During the WFSB Face the State  senate debates, we asked the candidates if they had smoked marijuana.     For the most part, the answer fell along party lines.   The Republicans all replied, “no,”  while the Democrats, with the exception of Susan Bysiewicz, said “yes.”

Bysiewicz         No

Hill                     No

Lumaj                No

McMahon         No

Murphy            Yes

Oakes                 Yes

Shays                 No

Tong                   Yes

Westby              No

Whitnum         Yes

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  1. Dennis, I don’t understand the reason for this post. I thought you were going to present an opinion or at least a conversation on marijuana. I watched both debates, so this isn’t news to me. By saying the responses were mostly by “party lines” do you mean to say some were less then honest in their response?


  2. Dennis thank you for bring this up. I feel that the elected leaders should be pressed on this issue to answer it. Its long over due for the state to pass some type of Marj. law weather is be medical or decriminalize it. To many people are in the state prisons on Marj. charges and a felon on their record for being in possession of small amounts and that is the only crime that they have committed is being in possession of it, not that they have robbed someone or some other violent crime. The next question I hope you pressure lawmaker on is the on line Poker issue.

    Those that have an (R) behind their name and claim to be for individual freedoms should not be on the side of outlawing it. What gives them the right to come into my home and tell me how to spend my money and tell me what sites on the internet that I can go to? That to me is government over reaching big time. Those that are against on line gambling don’t go to the sites. They wouldn’t go to foxwoods so what the difference. What they don’t have the right to do is impose their views on the rest of us through legislation.

    Guess the same can be said for Marj.


  3. Dennis thank you for pressing the elected leaders on this issue. I feel that to many people are in jail with a felon on their record for just being in possession of Marj. Many states are decrinializing the use of it or Medical Marj. and I hope that the State of CT adds it name to that list of states that are in favor of it.

    The other issue that I hope you pressure lawmakers on it the on line Poker issue. No one should have the right come in my home and tell me how to spend my money. Those that have an (R) Behind their name and are against any online gambling should not be allow to impose their beliefs on the rest of us through legislation, when they run on a platform of individual freedom and less government.

    If they don’t like online gambling don’t go to the site. I’m sure those that are against it don’t go to Foxwoods or Mohegan Sun, so why would they go to a site that offers online Poker? This is government over reaching big time and I guess the same argument can be made on the Marj. issue. I know that George Colli was pushing them on the online Poker issue, and I hope he keeps it up as I hope you will keep pushing them on the Marj. issue.


  4. I wonder why so many misguided politicians are crazy enough to hold to their tired old antidrug rhetoric, even when it’s pointed out to them that 70% to 80% of the American public supports medical marijuana and that patients often don’t even get high?


  5. Makes one wonder how many have and are just not saying. I think just about every high school kid in this country has tryed Marijuana at least once. So, maybe some of them can’t recall what they did when they were in high school.


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