Face the State

Taxes, a Talk Show Host, & the Hartford Riots of ’69

riot21 The riots and unrest in Baltimore this week has reminded some people of the riots that damaged the city of Hartford in late summer 1969.  This Sunday on Face the State, we dug up some old film of the destruction, and of then Mayor Ann Uccello talking about the troublemakers and the curfew that she instituted. uccello4 Our vintage film from the archives also features an interview with a  high ranking police official about how the riots and the curfew changed Hartford. We will also talk about the big news out of the state capitol this week:  a possibility of tax hikes.   Governor Malloy has said he is against them and he said he didn’t like the plans being presented by the Republicans and his fellow Democrats.  We will get reaction from State Senator Beth Bye, Democrat of West Hartford, and State Senator Tony Hwang, Republican of Fairfield. hwangbye Rounding out Face the State this weekend was Jim Vicevich, the host of Sound Off Connecticut on WTIC AM 1080.  Jim was a reliable fixture on Channel 3 from 1980 to 1993, covering everything from the NHL All Star game, to the closing of G. Fox, the death of Ella Grasso, the Colonial Realty scandal and he reported from behind the iron curtain in the waning years of the Soviet Union. vicecombo Vice, as many of still call him, caught up with some old friends during the taping, namely Denise D’Ascenzo, Bruce DePrest and our executive producer of special projects Tracy Furey.  There about a dozen of us here at WFSB who worked with the “Vociferous Vice,” that’s Denise’s nickname for him. vice2 Jim shared his thoughts on what Senators Bye and Hwang had to say, and talked about the history of the Connecticut economy in the four decades he’s been covering it, and he pointed the finger of blame at one person.    We also talked about the latest Hillary Clinton scandal (it’s no secret he’s not a fan) and the presidential race. Most importantly, my former colleague discussed his battle with Lupus, which challenges him daily, all day long.  Learn more about how you can help the fight against Lupus in our state right here:  http://www.lupus.org/connecticut

Watch the show right here:   http://www.wfsb.com/category/213663/face-the-state

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  1. Stop taking from us middle class folks or you will find us become poverty level folks. I’m stretched as far as I can stretch. I live modestly, have very little debt and I don’t overspend (unlike our State) and yet I’m struggling. Reach into the wealthy’s pockets and leave us middle class people alone already, with tax hikes!


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