Face the State

Marijuana, Homeless Vets, Minority Business and the Challenger Disaster


It’s been proposed before, but 2016 has brought a new effort to legalize marijuana in Connecticut.  This Sunday on Face the State, the argument for and against it, by two adversaries on this issue.  State Representatives Vincent Candelora and Edwin Vargas will join us.

Do you support it?  Vote in our Face the State poll.

Also, the new plan to effectively end homelessness among veterans in Connecticut.  Connecticut Housing Commissioner Evonne Klein will explain.

Then, the challenges faced by black entrepreneurs.    Stanley Williams, CEO of Supreme Being Inc. will talk about that along with Reverend A.J. Johnson.


Our flashback is one I planned on running a few weeks ago to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the space shuttle Challenger disaster.  You’ll see clips of Eyewitness News Nightbeat from January 28, 1986.

watch the entire Face the State for February 28′ right here:


That skyline backdrop in our studio?   Here it is now :   https://dennishouse.tv/2012/02/09/new-use-for-old-wfsb-studio-prop/



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  1. What’s so hard about providing homeless veterans with housing? Its done all the time for minority mothers with children. Building a home for veterans would at least make taxpayers proud instead of our tax dollars going to replace handicapped signs and an “express” bus service. CT transit can provide the same service to the same places as the proposed “express” buses.


    • I don’t think it’s just about our military men and women being homeless. How about the rest of the homeless people in Connecticut who can’t afford the cost of housing in this state. I know that they just built new housing here in the Danbury Ariel that they start at 1000.00 a month with nothing include, so when you ad heat and lightning your paying closed to 1,500 to1,600 a month. So take a person that makes 10,00 hour how do you survive on that. And now you see why there are so many people homeless.


  2. Representative Candelora; My name is Julie Wolfer and I just finished watching the segment Face the State, regarding the legalization of marijuana. I was incensed with Rep. Vargas’ view. I am a democrat, but I also like to believe that I have an open mind and do not always believe my party for the sake of being democrat. I wanted to share with you the email that I just sent to him. AND, it would be absolutely okay for you to share my message in this debate. As stated in my email below, I believe that our CT Congress MUST and NEEDS to be educated before moving forward on any vote to pass this legislation. We cannot pass legislation for the main purpose of raising money to “fix” CT’s deficit; not THIS way. Your message was well informed and thoughtfully presented. thank you for your time. Julie Wolfer

    Hello Representative Vargas. I am watching you presently on Face the Nation. I am incredulous regarding your view on marijuana. I am in my 36th year teaching in CT. I was a special education teacher for 17 years working with adolescents with drug/alcohol issues, and for the last 20 years, I have been a science teacher in Fairfield county. I can tell you, that in the high school level, one population of students who continue to struggle in high school are those students who are smoking marijuana. That is the most prevalent drug being used and it has a detrimental, negative affect on the student’s ability to learn, study, retain information and be successful. You made a comment that marijuana could help those people addicted to heroin; that marijuana will help people get off heroin. Honestly, please educate yourself regarding this information. I believe that the push for legalization of marijuana is MOSTLY for the financial benefit through taxes, on the backs of addicts (yes, marijuana is addictive). Research the problems that Colorado is having since marijuana has been legalized. There is money being made, but marijuana is not a problem-free drug, and THOSE problems will be paid by the taxpayers TOO. Please have an open forum with drug and alcohol counselors; you will see that this idea will continue to cause more problems in our state and country. Look at the facts related to behaviors exhibited by chronic marijuana smokers. It is not something that will be a benefit to our society. Legalizing marijuana gives young adults the idea that “smoking marijuana is okay” and that it is a “safe” drug. Nothing is further from the truth. Why do we continue to make decisions based on making more money, rather than the welfare of the populace? I could not disagree with you more.

    Julie Wolfer
    Redding, CT


      • Julie, it’s 2016. everyone who wants to smoke pot, pretty much much DOES smoke pot, whether its legal or not. And that money goes to illegal sources. This is just like gay issues. It sure seems people who oppose gays somehow think that if they pass the right laws, people will just STOP being gay….really?…..you somehow think opposing legalization will stop people from smoking pot? Or stop the kids from getting it? Again, its 2016, the internet exists. People can look it up and be informed, or not. I don’t smoke pot, never really did, but if someone wants to do it in the privacy of their own home, fine with me. It is getting bought and sold no matter what you think of it. Always has, always will.
        i think the state and legal institutions should benefit financially, not the Mexican cartels.


  3. so in turn legalizing alcohol gave the children the idea that “alcohol is okay, safe” you might be good in science but you need to take a history class or 2. Education is so important on matters we as a society refuse to engage in like like sex, guns and drugs . Just because it is not legal, doesn’t stop people from using and abusing but teaching them about addictive nature, safety and limits will make life safer for all.


  4. Not sure if other people feel the same way but the politicians should be voting inline with what the people actually want. All polls I see about legalization in CT the people are in favor. Looks like they are also in favor by 90% in your poll as well Dennis. It’s frustrating that the politicians only switch their sides on issues when they know it will result in more votes. Like Hillary when she was against gay marriage now all of a sudden she is for it. I give much respect to Vargas for at least trying to get something done that the majority want. CT needs ballot initiatives and this wouldnt even be a question. We rely upon these politicians to do our will when so many of them are disconnected because they are not worried about what we want but more worried about what views they should have so they can win enough votes to keep there job come next election.


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