More Trouble Ahead for Former Governor Rowland?


2014 is the year we mark a dubious anniversary in Connecticut history. Ten years ago, the state’s once popular three term governor was the focus of a corruption scandal that eventually culminated in his resignation. A decade later, former governor John Rowland reportedly could now be facing more trouble with the Feds.

It is a very complicated case, and to help explain it, we invited Jon Lender of the Hartford Courant to come on Face the State this past Sunday.


Jon is regarded as one of the best reporters in the state, with 40 years experience at the state’s largest newspaper. He has great sources. This Sunday Jon walked us through the Rowland story that he broke this week, and gave us unique perspective on what might happen.

Watch the segment right here: http://www.wfsb.com/video?autoStart=true&topVideoCatNo=default&clipId=9843988

Also on the program, a former candidate for U.S. Senate is making a comeback, https://dennishouse.tv/2014/02/14/jack-is-back/ the state’s first Muslim mayor https://dennishouse.tv/2014/02/16/trailblazing-mayor-sees-big-things-for-his-suburb/, and my report from the Olympic Games is today’s Face the State flashback https://dennishouse.tv/2014/02/14/face-the-state-flashback-96-atlanta-olympics-bombing/

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  1. Leave it to your station to take any heat off the current administration by dredging up something on former Governor Rowland. Why don’t you focus on the now?
    Thank God there’s no corruption in the present Governor’s mansion or the legislature. Finally, the comment made about journalistic ethics i.e. being funded by a certain person or party and making comments about that party’s opponent being questionable is ridiculous. Hold everyone to the same standard or be quiet.


  2. Leave John Rowland alone . If he ran again I bet he’d win. He’s the best Governor we’ve had.


  3. Naomi – This issue is about the now. Courant reporter Jon Lender questioned if John Rowland was being ethical by helping congressional candidate Lisa Wilson-Foley, being a paid consultant for her husband, and heavily criticizing one of Wilson-Foley’s opponents on his current WTIC talk show without making on-air disclosures.


  4. I agree..almost seems like a lynch mob against former governor rowland…is there any way u can offer someone on the program who isnt so pro-malloy and anti rowland?? If you take a poll, most people have more respect for the former governor than the current one. Thousands of people moving out of state because they cant afford it…the most prosperity i recall in connecticut was under rowland


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