Wragge to the Early Show: A Good Guy Gets a Good Gig

We’re pretty excited here at Channel 3 that someone with some Hartford roots will be anchoring the CBS Early Show, seen here on WFSB every Monday through Friday 7-9AM.    I’m talking about Chris Wragge, who worked for cross town rival WVIT back in the 1990s.

I can tell you from first hand experience that Chris is one of the good guys in this business.    The crowd at his going away party at the old Coach’s was a testament to his good nature.    Many of us knew his talent would take him far, yet success doesn’t seem to have changed him.   My former WFSB colleague Brendan Keefe summed it up with this message he posted on Facebook: 

          Chris, you have a lot of REAL FRIENDS, because you’re the REAL DEAL. You have worked hard, but more than anything, you’re a class act and you have never let your achievements go to your head. KNOCK ‘EM DEAD!

Chris must have thought I was somewhat talented also, because years ago he recommended me to his agent, Henry Reisch of the William Morris Agency.  Next thing Henry called and I was signing on the dotted line.  

Chris and I also appeared together on Oprah something like 14 years ago as part of her show on eligible newscasters!  What a trip that was.

I’m thrilled Chris will be seen on Channel 3 every day and think our viewers will feel that way too.    We wish him well.

By the way, it is widely reported that the CBS Early Show routinely finishes third in the national Nielsen ratings behind NBC’s the Today Show, and ABC’s Good Morning America, althought I think Chris will help reverse that.   I want to point out that here in the Hartford/New Haven market, the CBS Early Show was # 1 in its time slot in the November sweeps, beating Today and Good Morning America so Chris has plenty of fans waiting to watch.

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  1. I’ve watched the weekend ‘Morning Show’ on 3.3 he does a great job.. people will be very impressed.

    Sad to see Harry and the gang morph to other horizons Harry is another Walter in the right setting you can see it when he fills for Katie.

    John West


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