This Week in Connecticut March 21, 2021

This morning on “This Week in Connecticut with Dennis House” one of the more difficult yet inspiring interviews I’ve ever done. West Hartford Sergeant Chris Tyler is a police officer battling an aggressive brain tumor. His attitude and that of his wife Brittany will lift your spirits.

Also we are joined by Lt. Governor Susan Bysiewicz, who talks about sports gaming and reveals gender discrimination she faced. Also the lifting of Covid restrictions and how the Lamont administration reached the decision to do that.

The University of Hartford men’s basketball team is out of March Madness but Coach John Gallagher will talk about what it means for the future of the school.

You’ll be stunned by the opioid numbers and the crisis that has soared during the pandemic. Kent Pierce takes us to a place where abusing drugs is legal and talks with author Peter Canning.

Plus, we take you to Dunkin’ Donuts Park and the new development being built there.

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