Corona Birthday

Today is day 5 since Kara tested positive for COVID-19. The kids and I tested negative the same day, but a few days later I tested positive. Kara still has minor flu-like systems, but felt a little better Friday, and she’s been really tired, and I have slept a little more than usual too.

We’ve been taking our temperatures regularly and only once did have a low grade fever, 99.6. The rest of the time normal. I had a slight tickle cough. Kara has had a low grade fever more often, has a cough and a little congestion. We both have our sense of taste and smell.

We have some friends dealing with a similar situation in West Hartford but the kids got it first, followed by the father then mom. Mom has lost taste and smell and says it is a bizarre feeling.

Kara and I have been isolating from the kids in the house, staying in separate rooms. We’ve been sanitizing everything frequently and wearing masks. The kids have been remote learning and communicating with friends and dealing with this as best they can. It is really tough to not be able to hug your kids and cuddle on the couch in front of a movie or eat together. I went outside to get some fresh air but Kara hasn’t been up for that yet.

The House family has been blown away by the many kind words and offers of help. We are deeply grateful for the compassion and concern from across Connecticut and beyond.

Our Friday plans were changed up a bit. It was my birthday, and we celebrated with the kids over FaceTime. They and Kara sang me happy birthday and delivered a pint of my favorite ice cream to our bedroom door with a candle. It was preceded by a delivery of a family taco pack from Bartaco in West Hartford. Helena set up a mini-buffet, the kids ate first, then us. They even threw in a ski hat for my birthday!

Earlier we ordered lunch from our friends at the Latif Family’s Tangiers in Hartford. We certainly haven’t gone hungry or lost our appetites. Our friend Mary Cashman dropped off soup and veggies from the Crown Market and a few days later our neighbor Rachel Lutker sent a similar care package with challah bread. We are so thankful.

We hope to update you soon via a video as soon as Kara is up for it, but for the time being we are resting and hoping the kids don’t get it. So many of you asked how we got it. We don’t really know, although I’m pretty sure I know I got it from Kara!

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  1. One specific picture showing the generosity of your good friends instantly reminded me of how you seem to know every rabbi in greater Hartford (at least the Orthodox ones), and tried to get me to go to services, so I could be set up! Of course, working Nightbeat hours made that difficult (I had mentioned that) and I think now you know the other reason! 🙂 Keep that recovery going!


  2. Dennis and Kara I keep saying you are ct royals all the love and support is our way of saying thank you for years of your honesty and real care for the community. You will beat this monster so take time for yourselves and relax. From your sick bed you still deliver honest and much needed updates as you are loved.

    Happy birthday to a fellow December guy. Enjoy your ice cream 🍦 and speedy recovery ❤️


  3. Keep the faith…everything will come back to normal. keep resting and if you have vit c or zinc start taking it…We all love you Kara and Dennis . Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.


  4. I was waiting to see what Scot would make you all for a meal. That would be Nayborly We all know how great he cooks


  5. Prayers for the House family and for a speedy recovery. Also praying for children to stay healthy.


  6. I am glad to hear you and Kara are stable and hope you will continue to progress. Belated Happy Birthday.


  7. Aww..You both didn’t need this illness but will help others. Prayers from PA to you, Kara, & kids.


  8. Wishing you both a speedy recovery.
    Rest and hydrate. My loss of taste and smell came around Day16 of my positive test.


  9. Good afternoon Dennis and Kara I hope you are doing much better it’s a horrible thing that we’re all going through I pray for everyone that this stop soon and we get back to a little bit of normalcy you have wonderful children your daughter’s name Helena is the same as my great-granddaughter they live in Italy I’m just rambling I’m really hoping you to get better real soon I don’t live in Connecticut any longer but I keep in touch through Facebook God bless you both and your children and have a Merry Christmas


  10. Thinking of the House Family and admiring the role your children have taken on as head of household. It never ceases to amaze me how well they can operate when the need is there.
    Most people have never been put into this position….but i just want you to know you are certainly blessed with two beautiful children…May they remain healthy and the two of you feel better soon…


  11. Glad to know you both are experiencing less severe symptoms, and that you have the kids and good friends keeping you well-fed! December birthdays are awesome; mine is Sunday. Hope you both are on the mend and we can see you at a UHART basketball game hen the vaccine has done its job.


  12. My goodness Dennis, i am hoping very much that this covid will pass for you and Kara. Hopefully the kids will not get infected. I wish you a Happy Birthday and wishing you and Kara a healthy and speedy recovery.


  13. So happy to hear you both only have moderate symptoms! Praying your children do not develop covid! Moving on to next year with happier , healthier days! Thinking if you from Orlando Florida! My mother who is 79 tested positive with covid, she got through it after 2 weeks! Unfortunately my step father is in the ICU. 11 days today, happy to report he is breathing a bit better on his own!


  14. So sad to hear that both of have contracted this horrible virus…..but heartwarming to see your friends at your doorstep… order to have friends, Kara and Dennis, you have to be a friend and I am sure as the sun rises you and Kara are that!!!! Miss seeing Kara on Better with Scot and miss hearing your reassuring voice relating the news!!!!!!! Stay strong and be well soon so you and your children can celebrate Christmas together!!!!! ❤


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