COVID-19 Comes to the House House

Kara tested positive for COVID-19 on Monday, and the kids and I tested negative. That has since changed. I have now tested positive.

Kara’s symptoms are worse than mine. Here’s an update she posted yesterday.

#COVID19 Update: Hi friends, I’m feeling a bit better today. Fever seems to be gone or low grade🙏.
Grateful for good shower and some simple breakfast with a side of wipes 🤣 from the fam outside my door. Covid curls are the new style?
Biggest challenge is giving in to doing NOTHING in insolation. So, while I rest I want to share my experience in hopes it make help you all. Major symptom is fatigue and headache.
I am on some medications to speed recovery. Doc prescribed prednisone and zpac and Tylenol for pain relief. (Advil is my usual but some studies show not good for covid patients)
Naturopath DrArtemis as seen on Kara’s Cures on Better Connecticut suggests vitamin D, vitamin C, omega 3’s (fish oil,) probiotics, and a good multi vitamin to boost immunity during pandemic right now. I’ll post some links later to bundles if you want.

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  1. Please take care of yourselves and thank you so much for sharing so important people need to know you can recover from this . Keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers hoping your children stay well . We will survive this sending you all well wishes and lots of hugs and kisses 😘


  2. Dennis, you and Kara take care of yourselves, and each other.
    Thankfully your kids are big enough take care of themselves, and now their parents!


  3. Best wished for a speedy recovery!

    Thanks, Rob Ross

    😷We isolate now so when we gather again, no one is missing!😷



  4. My comment is incorrect Above.

    I hope you and Kara have a fast recovery. I hope the children DONT get the virus next.


  5. VERY SCARY!! Thinking of you all & praying that you will ALL recover soon, You are all in my prayers.


  6. We had it the first week in November – seemed to be very contagious it went through our house very quickly. It was a scary time wondering if we were going to get very sick but within a few days it was apparent that we were all going to have a “mild” case. Cough, headache, stuffy head, body aches, tired and I lost smell (which has still not come back). Hope you are all better soon


  7. Oh, no! Hope it will be a very mild case. Sending prayers from Philly. Feel better soon & keep us posted. Hugs to you & Kara…From former CT fan & Current PA fan/nurse!


  8. So sorry to hear this Dennis. Please take care of yourselves and follow all doctors order. Blessings for a healthy recovery for you and Kara. Stay safe.


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