COVID Kindness

The House family remains under quarantine. Kara is going on day 7 of her COVID diagnosis and I’m trailing by a few days. Here’s an update:

Fatigue is the biggest symptom Kara is dealing with right now. Her cough seems better and she’s resting, frequently. I feel a little better. No temperature, a slight cough now and then. I have more energy than I did two days ago, but a little nasal congestion today. We both have our senses of smell and taste and my favorite smell is that of cleaning products, as we sanitize often. We are keeping in touch with doctors to update them.

The kids, who tested negative, are coping very well with isolation from their parents, a frustrating situation. They basically stay in their rooms away from us and we communicate via FaceTime and text. They’re old enough to take care of themselves in terms of meals and things like that and they are practicing the importance of sanitizing. Their wish is that we can spend Christmas together. Fingers crossed!

Speaking of food, we will not go hungry thanks to the kindness of friends. Melissa Cole dropped off an amazing dinner from the Pasta Place and Beanz and the New England Pasta Company in Avon along with some homemade treats. It was delicious! Later that evening Bruce and Cheryl DePrest came by with some of Cheryl’s confectionary creations. Just this morning our friends the Kabakoffs delivered bagels and donuts. The kids reaction: “we like all the food during this quarantine thing!”

A doctor neighbor of ours dropped by to check on us, and give us some advice.

We are so grateful.

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  1. I am so happy to hear your both slowing healing. Continue to take great care of yourself and you do have some amazing friends. Praying 🙏🏼 You will be able to share Xmas day with your kids.


  2. 👍 happy to hear things are slowly improving and the generosity of friends kind neighbors helps keep us post love and hugs 🤗 to you all I have a feeling christmas will work out for you mask

    Up and distance virtual hugs and kisses


  3. Glad your both doing a little better.
    I pray that you can all enjoy Christmas together.
    You are differently blessed having great friends and neighbors.
    Speedy recovery to you both.


  4. May God bless you all Dennis and wishes for a speedy recovery for you and Kara. 💞💞💞


  5. good people have good friends….i have been doing my thing for people the other side of the river with meals….it has been such a trying year for so many…..feel better soon… are both blessed with a strong immune system so that you may remain home and not on a ventilator….that is the greatest gift of all not only for your family, but for all of us……you both are well respected and loved….stay on course, sleep, and walk around as much as possible to keep the lungs in use and your breathing normal!!!!!!!!!


  6. Sounds like you all being taken cared of!! Wishing you both a speedy recovery.

    If I lived closer, I’d bring you my Mac N Chees – All from scratch!


  7. I’m glad your are both feeling a little better and so happy to see your neighbors and friends talking care of you and your family.. While staying Covid quarintine strong 👍🤞🙏😷


  8. Hang in there days are getting better and soon no COVID. Prayers continue for complete recovery.


  9. Sorry to hear Kara is having a tough time. Hopefully a few more days will be enough before Christmas. Glad you have such good friends.


  10. I’m
    glad y’all feeling better Pls started drinking lots of tea”s black fresh ginger teas coke soda ginger ale soda this helped me lot an lot I had COVID-19 it’s no joke I loss my taste for food it took me bout an month/half for my taste come bk. I be Praying for y’all I miss Ur Hubby on the news Kara don’t U leave pls U makes the show.


  11. So very happy that your community and broadcast buddies are stepping up to help! Not surprised at all! Re the kids, this Totally different fromwhat we had, right? God bless you all


  12. Glad to hear how your all doing, you have to be patient n rest, which is not a thing either one of you do but soon it will be gone n you’ll be like your normal self,
    Stay well and safe n Merry Christmas to the entire Family,


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