Gubernatorial Candidates Headline Inaugural Early Edition of Face the State

After decades of coming to you at 11AM every Sunday morning, Face the State will now be broadcast at a new time, 8:30AM. This allows WFSB to carry the full hour of Face the Nation with Margaret Brennan from 10:30 to 11:30.

This Sunday we are talking the governor’s race with two candidates, Republican Steve Obsitnik and Democrat Joe Ganim. Obsitnik was the surprise of the convention when he qualified for the ballot via enough delegates.  He was also dealt a surprise this past week when news broke that the State Elections Enforcement Commission was investigating his campaign for allegations it illegally raised campaign contributions or was improperly linked to an outside group supporting Obsitnik.

We asked the former Navy officer about the investigation and what happens if he doesn’t get state financing, money needed to propel his campaign forward. Obsitnik told me he expects to get the money soon, even if the investigation continues, but told me:

SO: “We will have the resources one way or another to continue forward in the primary.”
DH: “Private funding?”
SO: “Potentially”

You can see the rest of the interview Sunday along with our chat with Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim, who talked about his opponent Ned Lamont. He’s been highly critical of Lamont’s financial status, and during my line of questioning he explained what he sees as the difference between Senator Richard Blumenthal, another wealthy Democrat from Greenwich, and Lamont.

I also asked him who he prefers as a running mate, Susan Bysiewicz or Eva Bermudez-Zimmerman. He called on voters to find Line B, and vote that. Bermudez-Zimmerman is also on that line, and even though the two aren’t paired as a ticket, Ganim talked about the two as if they were a team:

JG: “Line B offers the best opportunity for a better opportunity for inclusion…..We are not those who were annointed by a party at a convention….send a message to Hartford.”

Rounding out the program is a return visit by Hartford Courant legend Rick Green with his take on the governor’s race, and a legendary promotion that aired in the 1970s, “The Land of the 3.”

Join us this Sunday at 8:30AM for Face the State on WFSB.

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