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Angelo and the Mysterious Assailant

We live in a neighborhood that has seen its share of coyotes, foxes, turkeys, hawks, even a bear, and an occasional speeding car, so years ago we made the decision to keep our cat inside. Like all the time. The robins, cardinals and chipmunks and other cats are no doubt a sometimes a painful taunt, and if a door is left accidentally open, Angelo will go through it.

Such was the case a few days ago, and after hearing a loud screech from the neighbor’s yard, we came to his rescue. It was difficult to see in the shrubbery, but it sounded like there was another cat there too,  although we never saw it. Once we got him inside we noticed he had what appeared to be defensive wounds on his paw.

The kids and I took him to the vet while Kara was at work and the good doctor said Angelo was lucky, and reaffirmed that it is much safer to leave cats indoors and they live longer, healthier lives. Angelo now has some ointment for his pads and in a week or so he should be okay.   Thankfully he was up to date on his vaccinations.

By the way, that carrier is way too big for a 12 pound cat, but it was a great deal and folds up nicely for storage.

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