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Stemerman Talks Ballot and Changes He’d Make if Elected

Republican David Stemerman is our guest this weekend on Face the State. This is the former hedge fund manager’s second trip to our studios, so now we’ve had all the candidates on twice during this election cycle. Stemerman has not qualified for August primary yet, he must secure more than 9,000 signatures to petition is way on to the ballot. It’s a difficult task, and to walk us through the process, the Hartford Courant’s Neil Vigdor joins us with some fascinating insight.

If elected, Stemerman, like all the candidates, who take over a state that has been in perpetual fiscal crisis. What would he do and what kind of changes would he make?

Tune in Sunday morning at 11AM for Face the State on WFSB.

Also, our flashback takes us back fifty years, when Senator Abe Ribicoff was talking about his fears for the summer of 1968. The nation was still reeling from the assassination of Martin Luther King and civil unrest that followed. A week after our Ribicoff interview Robert Kennedy was gunned down. Ribicoff talks about problems in the cities and issued a call for gun control.

See you Sunday.

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