Election Nights of Yore

The Channel 3 Eyewitness News team invites you to join us for election night 2016.   Denise D’Ascenzo and I will be anchoring our coverage of WFSB and Kara Sundlun and Mark Zinni will have you covered online on the WFSB Facebook page.  Kara and Mark will be joined by pundits Duby McDowell for the Democrats and Wayne Winsley for the Republicans.  A team of reporters and photographers will fan out across Connecticut to cover the local races, and other members of the news team will be monitoring results and getting them to you instantly on-air and online.  Of course, CBS News and WFSB has the presidential race covered so you won’t miss a thing from the Trump and Clinton campaigns.

Watching Channel 3 on election night is a Connecticut tradition dating back to the 1950s.   Here’s a look at some shots of our election night coverage over the past several decades.  You can click on the picture to make it bigger.

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