Foley Gives Governor Malloy an "F," Talks Rematch in '14

It seems campaigns start earlier and earlier.   Election day is now six months away, and  soon after,   the campaign for the next race for governor in 2014 will start to percolate.    

This Sunday on Face the State we were joined by someone who might run in ’14, Tom Foley, who narrowly lost the governor’s race to Dannel Malloy in the historic election of 2010.    

The former U.S. ambassador to Ireland has made no secret of his contemplation of another run, but during the Face the State taping he delivered his  harshest criticism yet of the Malloy administration.    Foley believes the state is spending too much money.    He condemned the busway, called the Jackson labs deal a “terrible waste of taxpayer money,” and the called  passage of the largest tax increase in Connecticut history the administration’s biggest mistake.      Foley said Governor Malloy should have instead followed the lead of the Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo.   “Cuomo reduced spending and taxes……it has worked, it has failed here.”

Foley applauded the governor for his efforts on education reform, but presented a different idea of what he would be doing had he been elected.    “His plan is not nearly bold enough,”  Foley said.

Foley also talked about the state of the Connecticut Republican party, which is the minority party in both houses in Hartford,  doesn’t hold a single congressional or senate seat,  lost the governor’s office, and lost mayoral races in New Britain,  Middletown and Waterbury.  The GOP didn’t even field a candidate in last year’s Hartford mayoral race.      On last week’s Face the State, former Governor Lowell Weicker blasted the state’s one party rule, and Foley talked about what needs to be done to restore balance at the State Capitol.

By the way, if you think it is too early for Foley to talking about 2014,  there is a similar precedent.    In our flashback this Sunday,  we have pulled from the archives a clip of  then unannounced candidate Dan Malloy in 2008 talking about then Governor Rell.    It was 28 months before the 2010 election.    Foley’s appearance on Face the State comes 30 months before the 2014 election.  

Incidentally, I asked Foley the same question I asked Malloy in ’08.   Which letter grade would you assign to the Governor for his/her performance.     Both had the same answer:   F. 

You can watch the entire interview with Tom Foley, that aired Sunday morning on Channel 3  right here:  http://www.wfsb.com/video?autoStart=true&topVideoCatNo=default&clipId=7168344


and we have legislative analysis with a trio of up and coming journalists.   Here’s a preview:  http://dennishouse.wordpress.com/2012/05/03/young-j-guns-on-face-the-state/

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  1. Foley, all you and former Governor Rowland can talk is your “would’ve”, “could’ve”, and “should’ve”….You cannot touch Malloy with a10-foot-pole…If you were in office, we’d be up “sh****t’s” creek as a State…I am sick and tired of folks like you suggesting that “Malloy” should be like some other Governor from another state…Truth is, they should be like Malloy! You are not a Leader and there is not even a grade for you in the alphabet…You and Rowland need to stop going on Malloy’s Facebook page under bogus identities making “hater”comments…..You’ll NEVER have my support because you don’t have it…You’re just a “dude”!!!


    • Guess we found our last citizen in CT that will turn out the lights. This ship is sinking and Malloy is captain of the ship.


  2. Come 2014 Malloy is done.High taxes and burdensome regulations are crippling this State.Taxes across the board went up significantly, and we can’t sustain thew amount of over spending Malloy is known for. WAKE UP CONNECTICUT!!!!!! Bethy Guiles-Smith your an idiot!


  3. Did Mr. House invite the Governor on his show to ask him the tough questions regarding ideas, policy and his approach to governing? Perhaps his assembled team of print journalists can also provide probing, follow-up questions. Is it any wonder campaigns start earlier with a lazy news media. If the news media does not make a concerted effort (tenacious pursuit) to hold public officeholders accountable, anyone will suffice if you invite them on the air.


  4. go head…do a rematch…..you WON’T have the “large-inner city minority” votes..and you need them…YOU wont get them….the Unions don’t want you either!!!


    • Idiot malloy pissed off a lot of the union members(especially teachers), so don’t be so sure about that. And despite the cities malloy barely won the last election,You can keep the inner city vote.


  5. Tom Foley will lose another attempt at high public elected office, for the same reasons he lost before. With all due respect, the list of flaws is long for “Ambassador Foley.” No clear track record in public governance. Probable stalemate, or worse, with the Legislature and Unions. Bogus claims for the Iraq exploits as a Bush Croney. His huge $$ donations led to the Ambassador appointment, nothing more. Two undisclosed ARRESTS, for which he was outed by The Courant. The Bibb Textiles bankruptcy that threw thousands in the street while he made $$millions. The messy divorce with suspicions of domestic violence voiced by some. The “corporate raider” history. The 116-foot yacht and other displays of super-wealth, so out of touch with the vast majority of the 3 million citizens of CT. He will throw more millions into slick TV ads, but most voters are not fooled by that gloss. From a housewife perspective, I find him untrustworthy, not really fit for the role of Governor, or Senator, or anything national. He might make a really good Mayor for Greenwich, with his wealthy friends there. He should just take care of those two new babies, and Heaven forbid he uses those infants for TV ads, that would be terrible and “too obvious.” Mr. Foley seems like a smart man, he should not waste another $10 million of his own money, failing TWICE.


  6. @ Dave…I could never fit the profile of a “WHORE”…..please don’t put folks in your mother’s low ranking LIFE….Malloy 2014 bitchezzzz….WATCH! @ Palin Smith…sorry, your buddy Dave didn’t win shit!


    • Illiterate and no writing slills whatsoever. Betty your a jackass! Folks idiots like Betty are the ones ruining this country by voting for economic destroying policies that democrats advocate. Hey Betty your boy Obama is losing in the polls, and will likely lose the election. Malloy is also done next election. There will be a GOP President and Governor in the next few years.


    • Bethy you are a miserable woman and you’re just getting what you put out. I’ve seen your comments about public figures from tv to pilit


    • Bethy you are a huge loser! I’ve seen your nasty comments about successful public figures …from tv personalities to politicians you get a kick out of dogging people. Perhaps it’s because you are a miserable unattractive woman. I’m a woman too I feel sorry for you– you live in a miserable world. Do something with that raggedy mop on your head that you call hair!!


  7. BETHY GUILES is a major hater. A jealous miserable woman who goes online bad mouthing people. She’s a loser…and really unattractive. Maybe that’s why she’s so mad


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