Senate Debate set for Sunday


The race to represent Connecticut in the U.S. senate in Connecticut has been a tame one so far, in contrast to what we Nutmeggers have become accustomed to. We had the Lieberman Lamont battle of 2006, the Blumenthal McMahon war of 2010, the Murphy McMahon contest of 2012, not to mention the fiery Malloy Foley gubernatorial debates of 2010 and 2014. This year Senator Blumenthal is up for his first re-election battle against Republican State Representative Dan Carter and this weekend  will be the first time voters see these men talk about the issues together.

The two will face off in their first live televised debate, this Sunday morning at 11AM at the WFSB studios in Rocky Hill. The hour long debate will be commercial free, and WFSB’s Susan Raff and I will be serving as moderators and asking the questions.

Reporters interested in covering the debate should contact Tracy Phelan at tracy.phelan@wfsb.com or (860) 244-1700.

See you Sunday.

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  1. Reblogged this on Tillett For CT and commented:
    We watched the debate & it was good to be able to see & hear the 2 side by side. #NoBlumenWay Richard has been running away from his record & just like the democrats across the country they are avoiding debating their challengers. This was the only debate that Richard finally agreed to do.
    It was clear from the start that Dan Carter is the best man for the job & should be sent down to DC to represent us in CT. If you missed it live on TV then you should watch the video recording so that you can check it out prior to voting this Nov 8th.


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