End of the O’Neill Era


Connecticut has had four governors since Bill O’Neill left office, ending one of the longest governorships in state history.   He assumed the position upon the resignation of a dying Ella Grasso, and went on to win two terms on his own.

In 1990, he decided against seeking a third term, and by the end of the year, O’Neill was at peace with his choice to return to private life.  In November of that year, the governor and wife Nikki, granted Denise D’Ascenzo unprecedented access to their life in the executive residence, and a look ahead to retirement.    We broadcast that interview this Sunday, in our Face the State flashback.


It’s a fascinating piece that’s been sitting in the Channel 3 archives for the past quarter century.


There are some funny and touching personal  Connecticut’s first couple shared with Denise, that included political talk.   Governor O’Neill was leaving office with a massive budget deficit, and explained why he felt that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing…or his fault.   “Ella Grasso left me a deficit, and Tom Meskill left her one.”

By the way, this weekend marks a huge milestone:  Denise’s 30th anniversary at WFSB!    I asked her if there was anything special in the archives she wanted to me to air on Face the State to mark the occasion, and without hesitation, suggested her interview with the O’Neills.

You can watch it right here: http://www.wfsb.com/clip/12293248/channel-3-talks-to-former-gov-oneill-ahead-of-retirement




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  1. Just like Denise to complement your feature piece. I cannot imagine how blessed you are having TWO amazing “wives”. God Bless you both. You bring so much to Connecticut lives..


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