Boughton: Gov. Malloy has not Improved


Mark Boughton, mayor of Danbury and one time school teacher is now officially running for governor. Last year, he gave Governor Malloy a D grade for his performance in running the state, and Boughton told me he has seen no improvement in the governor’s work.
“Im going to give him the same grade. He’s stayed pretty stagnant just like our economy.”


Boughton said the major issue is the cost of doing business in Connecticut, which he argued must be reduced. We also talked about his thoughts on his fellow Republicans, unions, other governors he admires, marijuana, the role Governor Rell could play, and I asked him about an association issue raised by Democrats (he called that silly and juvenile.) Also, put to the 2010 GOP nominee for Lt. Governor, a question all candidates will be asked this year.

Last year Democrats hit Tom Foley hard about an arrest in 1981 and as a result we decided to start asking all the candidates if they’ve ever been arrested. Boughton’s response: “no.” You can watch Boughton’s complete answer below.


You can see the entire interview with Mayor Boughton right here:

The race for governor: Mark Boughton (R).

*red check marks on the picture at the top indicate declared candidate

Also on the program, former comptroller general David Walker: https://dennishouse.tv/2014/01/11/walker-to-preview-political-announcement/

Here’s our flashback. We remember a key power broker who died this week: https://dennishouse.tv/2014/01/10/remembering-tom-damore/

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