The Gun Bill is Law, Now What?


This Sunday on Face the State we are joined by two Democrats who voted differently on this week’s historic gun control legislation. Senate President Donald Williams was for it, and State Representative Douglas McCrory opposed it. We’ll discuss their different viewpoints.

Also, what now? McCrory said more needs to be done, and Williams agreed. And what about the gun companies that might leave Connecticut for greener pastures?

Watch the segment right here: http://www.wfsb.com/video?autoStart=true&topVideoCatNo=default&clipId=8751276

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  1. Why not enforce the gun laws on the books? We don’t need any more that can’t be enforced. The honest gun owner has always obeyed the laws. It’s the crooks that don’t obey the laws. Why not return to “Hang ’em”? Instead of being so politically correct and allowing the crooks to stay in jail and have more privileges than the average American. They have three meals daily, all types of communications and medical that the average American don’t have. If punishment was given out that would scare the crook, maybe some of this Bull S— wouldn’t be happening.


  2. Well said, Janet. I, too, cannot understand why this bill was passed when even the legislators openly commented that the existing laws cannot be enforced. It’s not “gun” control, but “people” control that needs to be enforced. The gun doesn’t arbitrarily point itself at people and pull its own trigger. It has to be aimed and fired. Criminals aren’t going to obey these new laws any more than they have the ones that are already on the books. Maybe there should have been more common sense applied instead of “knee jerk” reactions. It brings to mind a quote from Mein Kampf (Adolph Hitler): “I use emotion for the many and reserve reason for the few.”


  3. Gun ownership should be treated the same as autos and drivers licenses. Registered with periodic renewals and licenses subject to renewal as well. I don’t believe the government will seize my car because I register it!


    • Gun ownership is a right granted by the Constitution, a licence and registration to drive is a privilege granted by the State, get caught DUI and see how fast you lose that privilege as they can revoke it anytime they wish.


    • Ms.Bonoff, Let me ask you a question, How much do you know about firearms & or the laws that govern the use & ownership of them!!!!! Try being informed instead of just being opinionated !!!!! A car was used by Lanza to get to the school so lets ban all CARS!!!! People that think like you, Do forget one thing Criminals don’t obey the laws!!!! That why they are Criminals!!!!


  4. I wish Donald williams would just say what he really believes, No law abiding citizen has the right to own fire arms. Maybe if this was all that was going to happen to gun owners we could swallow it. but the 99 amendments they want to attach to this bill would make it impossible for a middle class person to afford owning any firearms. I just quit smoking , not because i wanted to, bucause I couldnt pay my mortgage and smoke. Mark my words, the same thing will happen to ammunition. like Douglas McCrory said , its extremely easy to get a gun in any city where there are drugs, They are already making normal law abiding gun owners out to be extremist (Mr, Donalds words).This is an all out attack on an american way of life and i stand opposed!


  5. I am against this new law. I think it does nothing to change the current circumstances. I am not against registering and background checks. We already had this in CT. But the restrictions on material items on long guns, which have no affect on their ability to be more or less dangerous than other firearms, along with the restriction on magazine size, is a poor attempt to make the general public simply “feel” safer. I’m against all political pandering and the waste of intellect and passion on this immaterial and intrusive bill, which makes no headway at all to changing the current risk factors.

    But since we are registering, and while we are at it, I think we need to extend registration to other serious and significant Constitutional Rights – voting being the next right to be amended. I wholeheartedly support a mandatory registration ALONG with identification at voting polls. Why cant we get that passed?


  6. What a JOKE!!! It is as useless as the “Drug Laws” ! Also why has Ch. 3 & CBS Network News ony reported one side of the law, when so many CT residents are not in favor it? Why did the Govenor say “We want it passed because some of us what it”, did he flunk elementry school? This a Nation of all the people & not that of local, state & federal representitives, senators & a president, also, no intelligent indivual signs a 160 + document without fully reading it!! Laws are created becsause the people want them, not the legislators!! State Senator Andrew Maynard was likely the only CT Legislator that spent the previous two months surveying his communities for THEIR opinion & voted accordingly, not that of his personal feelings! KUDOS to him, he has earned the communities respect & the right for re-election!!!


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