Breaking Down the Busway

I think it is safe to say that one of the most controversial state projects of our time is the New Britain to Hartford Busway, now called CT Fastrak. It is a half billion dollar project that has been roundly criticized members of both parties and some members of the talk radio, and the blogosphere.

I’ll admit, I’ve had my moments of skepticism about the busway, but I’d like to see it succeed. This Sunday on Face the State, we’ll talk with CT DOT Commissioner Jim Redeker, who provides some details on the project, and why he believes it will be successful.


Redeker also talks about tolls, the upcoming I-84 project in Hartford, and Bradley Airport.

Watch the segment right here: http://www.wfsb.com/video?autoStart=true&topVideoCatNo=default&clipId=8751289


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  1. I have to admit — the Hartford area needs a boost — and your summary about now we need to make the CTfastrak work is exactly on target. I think businesses will follow and actually there will be an economic benefit here.


  2. Absolutely ridiculous money spent!!!! Out of state workers built it, yet another slap on our economy. Not many will use it. Wouldn’t the money have been better spent fixing 84. I guess the governor never has to drive through Waterbury. It’s a total mess. Everyday traffic. The Rt 8/84 mix master makes me nervous. I hope it never collapses!!. Connecticut taxes are killing residents and business. When will common sense prevail?? I guess never. We keep electing the wrong people.


  3. I think they need to invest in the train system rather than a buses,besides only coverts NB to Waterbury …small commute .


  4. There are so many other places this money should be spent. I say to look in your community and see how many people are starving start there, Never mind a new busway!


  5. we need to reintroduce street cars back in the state of connecticut by building street car lines on rails that already exist and get rid of the buses al together
    they are not enviromentaly friendly .


  6. You know what’s funny? I saw mr. redeker’s interview today. I was curious. Then, I saw this blog and posting. And you know what I found? NO ONE REALLY KNOWS OR UNDERSTANDS HOW BENEFICIAL THIS PROJECT WILL BE. it’s good the commissioner talked about it today. Yes, my brother works on the project. First – He lives in Connecticut and works for Manafort, a Connecticut company working on the project. Second, his wife works at the hospital in New Britain, she would use the bus service as a easy way to get to work. Third, doesn’t anybody see that building a rail line and service would cost TEN TIMES MORE. Fourth, too many people are still listening to our past indicted governor (Rowland) and throwing out over and over again his old talking points. Let’s move on…


    • Fred – I would like to see the cost benefit analysis that would show what the actual cost is to create and maintain all expenses with the project. I would assume that the revenue would far exceed the costs or at least be a profitable venture. If you or Gov. Malloy can provide this information, I might consider supporting the project. If the numbers don’t exist or assume incredible ridership or limited expenses, this would not be the time to SPEND more of our hard earned money in the form of increased taxes.


  7. Where is the cost benefit of doing this project. There have had to be extensive studies that would show whether there would be sufficient ridership. Sounds like Gov. Malloy is once again trying to solve a problem that doesn’t exist.


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