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Denise’s Vintage Voting Vestments

Election Night 2014 is almost here and the Channel 3 Eyewitness News team will be there to bring you up to the minute results from cities and towns across Connecticut.   Denise and I have lost count, but we’ve anchored many election nights together.


Our first was way back when Lowell Weicker was governor, the Montreal Expos were the favorites to win a World Series that was never played, and the hit song was “Whoomp, there it is,”  may have been playing on your Sony “Walkman.”  It was 1994.


For 2014, because I am sentimental and the unofficial station archivist, I suggested Denise break  out her traditional electoral dress, that she debuted in the mid-90s.   I’ll be wearing the same blue and red horizontally striped tie I wore on election night ’94.

Denise keeps the ceremonial velvet frock in a trunk in her attic along with her Bobby Sherman 45s and her high school cheerleading uniform.    She rues the day she threw away her Hedda get Betta doll and her Great Garloo;  items  she knows would make that trunk of nostalgia complete. Who is Bobby Sherman? Read here:

Weigh in right here. What do you think?, facebook and twitter.

Watch our ’94 coverage right here:

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  1. Look great Denise! Oh if only I could wear what I wore in 94!!!!!! And for the record, I remember Bobby Sherman too! Have a great Election night you 2.


  2. Why am I not surprised that Denise looks nicer in a 17 year old dress than most news anchors look in their brand new clothes? During your 6pm broadcast, I was so happy to hear Denise say that she would be joining you at 11pm! I’ll be sure to stay up and tune in to see it. It’ll be just like the good ol’ days!


    • I am not referring to this article, but to you personally, I find it very hard to hear you say “Happy Holidays”, when in the past you said “Merry Christmas” now I will not watch channel 3 until after Christmas, shame on you and the rest who puts on this saying!!! May you and Al and rest have a “Merry Christman” not a happy holiday, christ was born, not the “holiday” !!!!!


  3. your photo’s look great – wear the dress the colors are patriotic – just hope my person wins when you make announcements!


  4. I like the dress. It is classic and it is also to have a tradition.
    If you said Happy Holidays it only means you recognize that Christmas is NOT the only holiday in December. It is nice to remember everyone and not just a portion of your viewers.


  5. Denise looked nice in her vintage dress and it looked quite stylish they say styles have 10-15 year cycles so she was in vogue! Good choice


  6. Sony “Walkman.” It was 1994. That brought back nostalgic monumental memories as I had one for jogging – I’ll NEVER 4get – when I was jogging in prep for NYC Marathon – I’d do 13 miles one day and 13 miles the next day between Bethel/Danbury on city streets. Interesting how you keep your clothing over a lengthy period in life – me too – something about that personal trait – I’d like to take high road/trail on that THINKING we who keep our BELONGINGS (remember that word/) over a long period are like “long term thinkers – better prepared for the successes in life? Nuff said…PS:U have a very nice BLOG – Love typing and seeing HARTFORD on both sides while I type on UR blog.


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