Denise, love ya! Bobby Sherman

That’s what it says on the autographed picture on Denise’s desk.   One casual mention of Bobby Sherman (if you don’t know who that is,  read my previous blog entry below) a month ago and we got dozens of responses including autographed pictures and books about the 70s teen idol.   Thank you for all of your responses and I’m glad Denise and I made you smile.  

As Denise learned, Bobby Sherman is now training EMTs in southern California.   We don’t know of any plans for him to perform again, but the Bushnell in downtown Hartford would be a perfect place to belt out “Julie, Julie, Julie do you love me” and Denise could introduce him.   

 Here is the story on Bobby Sherman: https://dennishouse.tv/2008/04/30/who-is-bobby-sherman/

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  1. These young kids now a days, missed some really good music. Thank you Dennis and Denise for all the beautiful memoriesl


  2. I vote for the Bushnell too because I live in Connecticut ! I had the privilege of going to several Bobby Sherman concerts between 1998-2001. I even got to plan the fan club gathering for the last Teen Idol tour concert in 2001.

    PLEASE do whatever you can to get Bobby to come back to CT !


  3. From your lips to God’s ears, in regard to Bobby doing some more concerts! Thanks for the update and the picture. You guys sound like fun to watch, wish we could see you in Chicago!


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