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Election 2020

This picture made my day. Take a look at the dress. Recognize it? Read on.

The House family was out voting early on this 2020 election day. Kara was at our neighborhood polling place shortly after it opened and faced about a 20 minute wait. I took the kids three hours later and I breezed in and out with my special election day mask. The kids waited outside due to covid.

For me this is the first election day I haven’t worked since before 1994, when Denise D’Ascenzo and I were first paired as co-anchors. The big story that night: the election of John Rowland as governor. Tonight I’ll be watching the returns with the family, and my kids are excited to watch the returns.

I have never been able to do this and I will enjoy every moment of it, because next year I’ll be back on the election beat.

Below are some pictures of Denise and me on election night over the years, including her legendary election dress which she wore every election beginning in the late 90s (with the exception of one when it needed repairs) to last year, our final election together. We lost her 32 days later, but the dress lives on.

Now Denise’s beautiful daughter Kathryn is wearing the dress today to vote on this election day 2020! Her mother is definitely smiling somewhere and laughing a bit about the dress. Kathryn you look amazing!! Thanks for sending this to me.

Check out this touching picture of Kathryn kissing her mom on television in the dress.

Here is the history of the garment:

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  1. Kathryn, you make the dress look fantastic, as did your beautiful mother!! I can see her big smile of approval seeing you wearing it❤️
    Thanks for sharing the pics with us, Dennis!


  2. The pictures are all amazing! You & Denise made a great team. The work friendships were very special & it was obvious to the viewers that you all cared about each other. Denise was a special person.
    I’m blessed to have that in my job here in PA. The picture of you & Kara & kids is so, so wonderful.


  3. I was thinking of Denise and that famous dress all day today. You, too- how well you and Denise worked together. Enjoy your time with your family this year.

    Please let Kathryn know that she looks AMAZING in her mom’s dress. I’m SO glad she wore it to honor her.

    Carry the Light…


  4. Dennis, Thank you for sharing all the wonderful photos what treasured memories.
    Kathryn looked as lovely as her Mom did. She has Denises smile.
    I’m sure next year, you will be involved. Will be watching tonight also, it’s great your
    Family as young as they are will enjoy seeing who our next President will be.
    Their both our futures…..
    Stay safe.
    Doris Richards.


  5. Got the biggest kick out of her daughter wearing the traditional dress for voting. How awesome.
    Thanks for alway sharing all your wonderful pictures. They touch our hearts.
    Hugs to all of you. 🤗🤗🤗🤗


  6. Dear Dennis,
    I was so pleased to read you will be back (somewhere) covering the news and elections going forward. WFSB is not the same without you. Your professionalism and experience are missed. And thank you for your devoted memories of the incomparable Denise. What a wonderful tribute by her lovely daughter Kathryn!


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