Special Live Edition of Face the State

We broke from our scheduling format this week to bring you a special live edition of Face the State, dedicated to the restoration of power across Connecticut.     The information this week from the Governor’s office and the embattled Connecticut Light and Power company has been changing rapidly, so we decided to have a live broadcast to bring our viewers the newest information possible.

Good thing, because just before we went to air, we received breaking news from the Governor Malloy’s office that Connecticut Light and Power would not meet their deadline of Sunday to restore power to 99% of those in the dark.

We invited President and COO Jeff Butler to appear, but our invitation was declined.    The company offered Bill Quinlan of CL & P, and he appeared this morning.   

We were also be joined by  1st District Congressman John Larson, who updated us on action being taken by the federal government to help out our state. 


The mayors of two Hartford suburbs devastated by the storm also came in with fresh assessments of their situations:    Democrat Scott Slifka of West Hartford, and Republican Jason McCoy of Vernon, both of whom have been in the trenches with their suffering constituents this week.    Obviously there are many other town leaders we could have had on Face the State, but the reality is,  our desk in the studio only seats four people! 

Rounding out the broadcast was Secretary of the State Denise Merrill, who had the the very latest information regarding Election Day.     43 hours after Merrill’s appearance the polls will open across the state in what will be the most unusual circumstances surrounding municipal elections we’ve perhaps ever seen.

You can watch today’s edition of Face the State right here:  http://www.wfsb.com/category/213663/face-the-state

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  1. Guess Mr Butler has more to do that sit at a table and get hammered on TV – let the guy do his job…


  2. The question for me is why upper management continues to raise their salaries while they reduce the lineman and investment in infrastructure? Could someone do an investigative news report on the escalating management compensation of a public utility. They also appear to be cutting the bluecollar work force while increasing upper management numbers and compensation. Why do we as a state have to rely on contractors to maintain our utilities? Smooth talking, Mr. Butler, does not put the lines up. You have failed at the one job your company exists for- the DISTRIBUTION of electricity to the public. Take the blame.


  3. We live in West Simsbury, we are yet to see any type of help in our neighborhood (this is day 9). No tree and line crews what so ever. We have trees dangling from the utility lines hanging over cars and touching the ground. My guess is we will not have service until next Sunday. Thanks to CL&P for the condescending phone messages, that have no meaning. Just pay your employees and contractors please, we know they are doing their best under the circumstances and with a serious lack of leadership.


  4. Look, follks, we on the shorelline (that’s south of you) went through a nasty situation with tropical storm “Irene”, and I have lived in other states which are NORMALLY buried in snow……who learned to live with it as best they could! So, please spare me the tales about the horrors of living through a snowstorm where trees fell over and crashed through powerlines……..is this the first time you noticed that those trees were in a precarious situation? To do nothing but bitch about CL&P ‘s response to the massive mess which, even on Channel 3 weather reporting said there would be trees down and power outages PERIOD couldn’t prepare CLP or you for what happened. I hate to say it, but the only significant difference between Irene and your weather event was the temperature.I know that was a serious issue for you, but did you want the power company to assign a crew for each house?….. and unlike Congressman Larson (sp?), don’t threaten federal government “involvement.”……we’ve had more than our fair share of that august body’s intrusion in our lives already! …and I don’t mind the governor (any governor) reporting to the state’s residents, but Malloy certainly must have been taking an early look at his re-election when he tossed out his comment about “being underwhelmed,” and then this morning (Sunday) his suggestion that CL&P wouldn’t meet their 99% overall progress by midnight tonight…………certainly inspired confidence!!!!!! On “Face the State” this morning a suggestion was even made that “the power lines be buried…” of course they should……………let CL&P dig up your front yard the move those power lines up your street, not mine…………several folks, like me, are Tree Huggers, that’s why I live where I live, and we don’t like our trees bothered, but more than once over the past number of years, we have heard from CL&P about tree trimming not only, hopefully, to keep us in power in a serious event, but also folks up and down the steet on which we live………………recognizing that the source of that disruption could be miles from our property, and still keep us “in the dark” for awhile….in Irene, it was just about a full 6 days for us…..plus cell phones, plus the landline I pay about $4 a month …and have paid for a number of years, which also went kaput!!!!! Have you complained to AT&T? Are you on cable tv? …not until I read a letter to the editor in aht New London Day….great newspaper in Ct. for news….did I call Comcast and find that, indeed, I had to call them to get a refund for the time I was out of power.
    You know, Vermont went through hell as the result of Irene, but they have a completely different attitude when they face adversity………..much to be admired, but of course, they don’r have the constant “racehorse” reporting we have on tv in Connecticut…………….I don’t know if this makes you feel better, but this situation in the Nutmeg State is something to behold!


  5. It seems the problem is, the tree cutter were waiting for days to see if they were going to get paid. Someone , acording to one worker ,hasn’t paid there bills. The question i have who pays the tree cutters is it the state of ct ot cl&p?


  6. Why would Butler go on the show and get lambasted? He has better things to do…like restore power.

    As to worker levels….the DPUC found in 2008 that CL&P had the appropriate number of lineman and that staffing up for a big storm did not make sense. Read the decision. CL&P cant just go hire people on its own when the DPUC says its staffing is adequate.

    Who said they don’t spend on infrastructure? Again, read the DPUC filings. They have spent more than what the DPUC told them to spend.

    It is easy to point blame, but much harder to dig and find the facts. It is unfortunate that the local media don’t want to look at facts and choose to attack Mr. Butler personally.

    Where are the shelters? When did they open around the state? Did the state open a shelter? These are the questions I have. Apparently, government wants to blame the utility and avoid all responsibility.


  7. Hey, today is the tenth of November! Do you know what today is? It’s the day the governor drops his very early re-election campaign, since he was/is the focal point of the “Let’s All Hate CL&P” campaign he has waged during the recent stormy condidtions in the mostly upscale suburbs of Hartford………..today is also the day our version of TV Guide…ie, the Hartford Courant….gave me the page one news that 40 customers are still without power!!!!!Horrors! This will be the last insight you get from me………….put the feet of your local town leaders to the fire also…………..get the damned trees trimmed. AMEN!


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