Friday Night Dump, Sunday Morning Chat

The Hartford Police Department released its official report on the case of Denise Nappier today (Friday) at 5:40PM.    That’s what we in the media call,  the “Friday night dump.”   Savvy media and public relations folks know that television news on Friday nights is among the least watched, and the Saturday newspapers are the least read.    Releasing a story, or statement after business hours also means there is usually no one around to talk about it until Monday morning.    It’s pretty common, from the White House to companies, to celebrities.   If you want your story, or your news to be forgotten or lightly covered, then do what HPD did and release it at the onset of a weekend.   

Anyway, this week on Face the State we will talk about the Nappier case.    Treasurer Nappier declined my invitation to appear on the program, citing an out of state commitment, but was told by her spokesperson she may want to come after the report was issued.   We hope to have the state’s longest serving constitutional officer on Face the State next week.  I’ve known Denise Nappier for many years,  and have enjoyed the times she has come to Channel 3 for a taping.  

You can read the report right here:  http://police.hartford.gov/PR%202011/September/2011_09_16_SIR_HPD.pdf

We are joined this Sunday by Channel 3’s Len Besthoff, our chief reporter on the Nappier case; Kevin Brookman, the city blogger who first broke the story, and Kevin Rennie, the Hartford Courant columnist, and former state senator, who provides a political perspective to the story.

Tune in this Sunday morning at 11 on Face the State, only on Channel 3.

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  1. Well done!
    But what they don’t understand is that the nature of the news has and is changing. With increased connectedness, people are reading/viewing news more and more online, and they do this more on the weekends than they have in the past.


  2. Just wanted to say it was a great show this morning~EYE heard every word~It was perfect~You all DO a great job~No more pink ties!! 🙂 Have a great SUNday!! 🙂


  3. Kevin Rennie is a racist. He states that people are looking to dredge things up but all he did was incite a neighborhood and when you do that you incite the entire city. He called Treasurer Nappier names, and stated he had long known, and he stated others could attest to as well, that Ms. Nappier was those names. Kevin Rennie does not know what he is talking about, because he would rather listen to other racists. We almost fell out of our seats when Mr. Rennie was talking. It was shocking, and his true motives were betrayed by his very own facial expressions.


  4. I truely wouldn’t believe anything these three clowns say. Brookman doesn’t know is rear from his elbow. He chases police sirens and fire trucks hoping to catch something so he can call or email anyone with some info He reminds me of one of those conspiracies kind of guys that runs around looking for tid bit’s and post’s it on his blog asap. Besthof needs to be canned. His stories are boring and puts my cat to sleep. He has no problem going after someone such as city hall and so on but what he doesn’t do is admit a mistake when he makes one. And Rennie is just a plain weiney.


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