We’ll let you say this one, Dr. Oz!

Every day the news anchors here have to record an “Oz” tease promoting the next edition of “Doctor Oz.”   For a quarter a century it was the “Oprah” tease.   The producers of the program routinely send a suggested preview of what is coming up.    Denise usually reads it, but sometimes I get the duty.

Here is the one we received today, for tomorrow’s “Doctor Oz.”

On tomorrow’s Doctor Oz, find out the real age of your vagina and your husband’s penis. Dr. Oz reveals three secrets to achieving the best orgasm ever.    Followed by Eyewitness News at 5!

How do we follow that?

Management wisely nixed today’s tease.    That tease might sound better coming from Oz.

That’ll be quite a show.

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  1. Yeah, you’re right Michael. Somehow, I can’t picture Denise reading that promo, not with a straight face anyway. Now Scot, yeah, I can picture that.


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