New Addition to the Hartfordite Reading List

“How to Handle Nasty Christmas Drunks.”   ” Vasectomies, Man-Boobs, and Much Much More.”    “Teaching your Daughter to Strip.”    Those are just a few of the attention grabbing headlines that have appeared in an advice column written by a friend of mine, Delphina Boncompagni Ludovisi for Taki’s Magazine.  

“Dear Abby” she is not, and that’s a good thing.  Delphi’s columns offer the reader some hilarious advice that is often spot on.   Sadly, I have a hunch I know some of the people who are seeking her satirically wise counsel!  Totally worth checking out.     I’m thinking Kara should  invite Delphina to make an appearance on “Better Connecticut.”

Let me know what you think:   ” http://takimag.com/topic/relationships

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