First Salvo of Campaign ’14? Foley Responds to Malloy Budget

Last week on Face the State,  Republican Tom Foley said he would be “very disappointed” if Governor Malloy called for raising taxes in his then upcoming budget address.     Late today Foley  gave me this response to Malloy’s speech:

“Governor Malloy’s budget proposal is out of sync with the rest of the country and the needs of our state.  He was very specific about unaffordable tax increases of $1.5 billion and new spending commitments of $500 million, while providing only vague goals for spending reductions.  We have missed an opportunity to reverse the tax and spend policies that have cost Connecticut thousands of jobs and  burdened our citizens with heavy debts.  No one who cares about Connecticut’s future can be happy with what we heard today.”

Foley has made no secret of his interest in a possible rematch with his former rival.   On Face the State, Foley told me the only way he wouldn’t run in 2014 is if Malloy  made steps toward making Connecticut more competitive for business.  It would seem Malloy’s budget address has nudged Foley toward taking the first step toward 2014.

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  1. Had the city of Bridgeport not run a, shall we say, “questionable” election, we wouldn’t have this Governor and would have a LEADER who would have fixed the problem without burdening tax payers with bills many of us are going to have a hard time paying.
    But then when you gladly accept the endorsement of “The Working Family Party,” it’s hard to imagine that things are not going to crush the backs of the American middle class.
    Is it too soon to start the campaign up again for a REAL leader like Tom Foley?
    Only this time, can we have a real election in Bridgeport?


  2. It’s amazing to me that Malloy is even talking about raising taxes, when we are the most overly taxed State in the union. You Democrats better tread lightly, because if Malloy gets his way with this, I can see a blood bath in 2012 and 2014 for you guys. Go ahead and raise the sales tax on everything, I’m just gonna buy everything tax free online. So yeah you’ll get me on the income taxes, but you’ll lose out on the sales tax. FOLEY in 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Foley was a poor choice in 2012. He was continually tentative. There are dozens of better choices. The trouble is that the Republican Party label is so tainted few people step up to run and fewer people identify with it….only 20% of registered Connecticut voters are GOP.

      It’s time to form an alternative Connecticut Party. A party that represents the people, not the ruling class and special interests. And the people must contribute to it. If they don’t send in money, the same special interests will win.


  3. Dan Malloy has quickly shown himself to be a tool of the special interests that put him office, particularly organized labor. Rather than addressing the critical economic issues that have damaged CT’s business environment and driven businesses and individuals to more hospitable states, he doubles down and proposes more of the same. CT simply spends too much money. Now is the time to conduct a thorough restructuring of the state government programs and re-set those programs to match economic reality and current revenues. The last thing CT needs is more taxes.
    We need real leadership, and Dan Malloy has fallen far short.


  4. Don’t blame Bridgeport! Tom Marsh is equally to blame.

    Are we surprised by Dannel 88? We knew what was in store for CT. Perhaps by 2014, Connecticut will finally feel the pain. Make sure to flip the state legislature, big time, in 2012 and begin to repeal the liberal slave state!


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